Odisha’s Manasi Pradhan to address the Oxford University on 24th October

Bhubaneswar: Globally renowned women’s rights activists & author from Odisha Mrs. Manasi Pradhan will be addressing the prestigious Oxford Union, University of Oxford, in England as ‘Guest Speaker’ on 24th October 2018, Wednesday, a honour she will be sharing with great icons like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher, US President Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter and other notable world leaders who have spoken at the union as ‘Guest Speaker’.

Originally scheduled to speak on June 6, Mrs. Pradhan’s address to the union was postponed to 24 October due to delay in visa. Mrs. Manasi Pradhan arrived in London on a 6-day England tour on 20th October during which she is scheduled to meet with Members of British Royal Family and several other senior dignitaries from England, besides addressing the Oxford Union on 24th October.

Founded in 1823 and considered the most prestigious podium to speak in the world, the Oxford Union of University of Oxford has hosted most influential world leaders as speakers for over 195 years. The speech at the Oxford Union is televised by BBC, CNN, Russia Today and covered by all major international publications.

Mrs. Manasi Pradhan is widely regarded as one of world’s most influential women’s rights activists. In 2016, the New York-based Bustle magazine named her among 20 most inspiring Women Activists along with Nobel Prize winners Shirin Ebadi, Rigoberta Menchu, Malala, Betty Friedan, Naomi Klein, Angela Davis, and Gloria Steinem.


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