Odisha: Teachers should adopt creative and innovative methods for quality education

Bhubaneswar: There are various training centers being developed by Govt. of India as well as the CBSE which has come up with lot of agencies. In the same way when empanel agencies or center of Excellency will talk about all over the country that we have developed more than 80 empanel agencies and CBSE has given permission for this but the fact is that Odisha is such a state we don’t have any quality education.
Today we are discussing about quality education and what are the requirements of quality education and assessment you will find out that where we stand. To be exactly whatever we require for the present 21st century learner, You will find out that we are not providing exactly what a child want. Education is something which you need to bring up a child. We all should know that every school runs in their own weight. But the schools need to adopt very creative and innovative method that should be implemented. Today’s generation wants experiential learning, project based learning. If at all the teacher cannot do that, if the teachers not go for a conceptual learning then this generation will reject the teacher. So the teacher should adopt such creative and innovative methods for quality education and Center for Educational Development (CED) is a platform for it says the educational expert.
The two days School Learning program and training programme was started at Hotel Arya Palace today by CED. More than 50 Principal, Vice-Principals, Coordinators and senior teachers learned the basic knowledge for School education. The programme started with welcome address by Mr. Debi Prasad Mishra, Chairman, CED. The experts cum resource persons like Dr. Rajesh Chandel, Priyadarshi Nayak and Mr. Anupam Koushik present their presentations on “Synergy creates Energy”, “Quality Schools Quality Outcomes” and “Essentials for School Branding”.

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