Odisha State Pollution Control Board issued closure notice to a rice mill

Report by Odisha Diary bureau, Jajpur: The Odisha State Pollution Control Board (OSPCB) issued closure  notice to a  rice mill in Jajpur district on Wednesday  on the charges of  pollution .
The Mahabali Modern Rice Mill in Kantigadia village was functioning since 2007 without obtaining any permission from the OSPCB.  During an inspection last week, we found that the rice mill lacks  dust extraction from various points of dust generation starting from unloading section up to paddy cleaning section. The rice mill has also not built Effluent Treatment Plant . The mill has been releasing waste water into the nearby fields .
The mills emit huge quantities of carbon dioxide and ashes into the air, creating an obnoxious situation in the area.  High sound made by the mills disturbs  the locals . The sound pollution also poses health hazard.  Besides, the rice mills generate toxic water that have saturated the lands in the surrounding areas and affected the underground water for which we issued closure notice to the rice mill under section 33 (A) of The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act of 1974 and under 31 of Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution ) Act, 1981 , said Dr Anup  Mallick the regional officer of OSPCB in Kalinganagar.
Following complaint of villagers  we inspected the mill and issued closure notice , added Mallick. The residents of Kantigadia and other villagers   claimed that they were suffering due to  the rice mill which was spreading air and water pollution in the villages.
“The mill used rice husk as fuel, which released smoke and fly ash in the air. The dirty water mixed with chemicals was also discharged by boring deep into the earth. This water was getting mixed with underground water and polluting it”, said Prakash  Patra a villager of Kantigadia.