Odisha Samaj UAE Celebrates “Sports Day” on 11th Jan 2019 & Organizes “Free Health Camp on 25th Jan 2019”

Bhubaneswar: In line with the Govt. of UAE’s fitness initiatives, Odisha Samaj of UAE celebrated
“Sport Day” in Dubai on the 11th of January 2019. This was the first time Odisha
Samaj UAE has taken the initiative and it was a huge success. There were different
games conducted on the Day and large number of Odia Brothers and sisters
participated for the event. The participants were categorized in Different age
groups and each game was conducted with all fairness. Authentic odia Breakfast
and lunch was served to all who joined on the day. The Event was inaugurated
with the Anthem of Odisha ‘Bande Utkala janani’ that created a vibrant
atmosphere. The idea of conducting the Sport day was given by Mr. Subhranshu
Jana, A senior member of the community and it was appreciated by one and all.
The best part of the event was that there was no hesitation from the ladies in the
community and they were the most enthusiastic participants in all the games such
as 100 Metre race, Badminton, etc.
The President of the community said ‘Odisha Samaj UAE is committed to engage
in such fitness activities every year in addition to the Events that OSUAE organizes
in a calendar year. I am delighted to see the response and Odia community’s
interest level and enthusiasm in such sporting events.’
Speaking about the event, Mr. Jana Said ‘I am happy that the idea of organizing a
sports day in our community has yielded good results and I shall try to bring in
new games and activities in the coming year to engage more participants &
Like every year, Odisha Samaj of UAE also conducted a “Free Health Camp” on
the 25th Jan 2019 at the Labor camp where there are hundreds of Odias residing.
This year the Health camp was organized in association with a leading health care
group – AVIVO. Routine health check like BP, Blood Sugar, BMI Check was
conducted by doctors in addition to any specific illness of a patient. At least, 150
Patients availed the Free health camp facility & were happy that Odisha Samaj
UAE is leaving no gap in serving people of its community irrespective of class &
The Upcoming event of Odisha Samaj UAE is ‘HandiShala – An Authentic Odia
Food Festival’ to be held 15th of February 2019. Over the years, Handishala is a
huge success as Odia Brothers and sisters get to meet each other on a weekend
and enjoy the Authentic Odia Food. The Mega Event of Odisha Samaj UAE is
however, Utkal Diwas, which is supposed to be held on 5th April 2019.
Preparations for both the events have started already and the Core committee of
OSUAE is exited to present both the event to the Odia community in the best way

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