Odisha ranks among states for new investments with 42% share

Odisha is ranked among top three states attracting new investments, according to a recent report by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The report highlights that during the year 2022-23, Odisha, along with Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat, accounted for a significant 42% of the total project cost of projects receiving bank assistance.

The RBI report indicates a remarkable growth of 87.7% in bank-assisted projects in the last fiscal year. A total of 547 projects were sanctioned with a combined project cost of Rs 2,66,547 crore, compared to 401 projects valued at Rs 1,41,976 crore in the previous year (2021-22).

Among the top states, Uttar Pradesh secured the highest share with 16.2% (Rs 43,180 crore) of the total investment, followed by Gujarat with 14% (Rs 37,317 crore), and Odisha with 11.8% (Rs 31,452 crore). Maharashtra and Karnataka also contributed 7.9% and 7.3% respectively to the total project cost during 2022-23.

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