Odisha Nandankanan Zoo Authorities name tiger cub name as #Bahubali

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Nandankanan Zoo Authorities name a tiger cub name as Bahubali. Out of 7 tiger cubs, zoo authorities name one as ‘Baahubali’ .

The other six tiger cubs names in the zoo including three females were named as Sahil, Adyasa, Vicky, Chinu, Mousumi and Kundan.
It should be noted that Nandankanan is zoo is famous for white tiger. A unique White tiger safari was established in the Zoological Park on 1st October 1991. It is the 1st White tiger safari in India. It is the First zoo in the country to become a member of World Association of Zoos & Aquariums (WAZA).
The zoo is enriched with 101 enclosures with 202 sub-enclosures at Nandankanan. It has the significance of having both the cages and open moat enclosures. There are 54 cages and 47 open moated enclosures to house all the captive animals of Nandankanan. It has the glory of having 126 species of animals which includes 40 spp. mammals, 56 spp. birds and 24 spp. reptiles. Nandankanan has huge number of animal collections. There are more than 1580 no animals, including 634 mammals, 812 birds and 134 reptiles. Eighty eight (88) species of indigenous species along with 32 exotic species of animals add glory to the collection of Nandankanan Zoological Park. The animal collection includes 15 spp of endangered mammals, -6 spp of endangered birds and 10 spp of endangered reptiles listed in Schedule I of WPA, 1972.

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