Odisha MP Dr. Amar Pattnaik’s letter to Union minister Narendra Singh Tomar on Implementation of the MGNRGES and PMGSY Schemes in the country

Bhubaneswar: Dr. Amar Pattnaik Member of Parliament (Rajhya Sabha) from Odisha wrote a letter to the minister of Agriculture & Farmers welfare, Rural Development and Food Processing Mr Narendra Singh Tomar, proposing some steps in order to bring some qualitative changes in the outcome from implementation of the MGNRGES and PMGSY schemes in the country.

In his letter, he urged the minister to look after the employment opportunities of masons for constructing boundary walls in the schools and colleges, which would provide both employment opportunities to the migrant workers and be beneficiary for the young students studying in schools and colleges providing a security and space for their extra curricular activities.

He requested the minister to look after the requirement of sizeable infrastructure in the term of warping sheds and training workshops/centre to carry on the trades in the handloom section.

‘As we know, the handloom section provides maximum employment ton our people after agriculture, it would be a good idea to allow construction of these infrastructure as it would create not only a durable asset but also provide a permanent succour to our weaving community’ said Dr Amar Pattnaik

Dr Pattnaik also highlighted the lack of road connectivity in the areas in remote locations in Odisha. He mentioned the roads not being covered under the eligibility conditions of PMGSY. He believes the relaxation of these roads would provide a path for reconnectivity and would also provide employment opportunities for the migrant returnees in this time of pandemic.

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