Odisha MP Amar Patnaik initiates an unthreaded path- finding jobs for migrant workers who want to go out again 

Bhubaneswar: A strategic advisor Mr. Amar Pattnaik, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha walks a new journey to a philanthropic campaign, finding jobs for migrant labourers who want to return once again outside the state for work, but this time he came with formula of formally written contracts and similar other requirements. Technology has been used to remove intermediaries and information asymmetry. For instance, the platform links a potential job seeker with certain skills to a potential job giver who can offer such a job matching the skill set. The details can be extracted from the report of “My First Year as MP” released recently (http://amarpatnaik.in/glimpses.pdf)
To take this forward, Sri Pattnaik, has interacted over video conferences with a number of Odia Associations in other states and towns during last 2 weeks, who were in touch with him co-coordinating distribution of food and return of migrant workers. He has further requested them to send the names, addresses, phone no’s and also skill set of people so that they can put on the platform as job seekers.
The first lots of about 200 migrant workers are going to be placed with L&T for a defense sector project soon. They are being drawn from Bolangir, Kalahandi and Nuapada.
Speaking about this initiative Mr Pattnaik said, “As this platform is a pan-India platform and there are job seekers from other states too, we will have to move fast for our people. However, offering one’s candidature for this platform is purely voluntary. Someone may choose not to go outside the state again and therefore, may not enlist under this platform. It is his/her choice”.
This initiative is only a humble effort from the end of the advisor to protect the needs of the people of the state.
He said, “This is just an initiative, I may not be able to link every job aspirant to a job giver but I will try and keep trying, for the love of my State and its people, particularly the young and the aspiring, the poor and the downtrodden”
In case interested, send name, address, panchayat, block, district, phone no’s and skill possessed via email to [email protected] as quickly as possible. In case of difficulty, BJD IT co-coordinators in districts and assembly constituencies are requested to help.