Odisha: Life paralyzed in Kalahandi district due to heavy rainfall

Report by Debadatta Panda , Junagarh : Due to heavy rainfall in Kalahandi since last 20th the situation is going to deteriorated. People of remote area are suffering a lot due to flood situation. All most all the river and nallah are over floaded and stratic flood situation is going on. The Tel river is over flooded and most of the villages under Junagarh Block is mostly affected. The Hati River crossed danger mark due to heavy rain at its catchment area as well as 5 gates of Mangalpur Hati barrage is opened.
The District Administration is alert and keeping serious view over it and all the leave of the employees are cancelled even on Sunday.Further morethan 1315 persons are rescued from flood in different blocks like Jaipatna,Junagarh,Kalampur,Th.Rampur and M.Rampur,Lanjigarh and cooked as well as dry foods are being supplied to more than two thousand people at the safe places of those blocks.The Concern Tahasildars and BDOs are moving at the field and observing the situation with the help of other officials with fire service staff and odraf teams, said Kalahandi Collector Sj.Anjan Kumar manik to the news men.The health measure steps is also taken by the health dept. he added.Further after the flood situation will be over the RWSS dept will take action for better sanitation condition of the slum area said collector.
Due to continuous heavy rainfall within last 14th to 16th July of this month severe loss was occurred throughout the district.Once again since last 19th of this month the continuous heavy rain fall is going on and all the 13 blocks of Kalahandi are flood affected. All the rivers and other water sources are overfloaded.
In Th.Rampur block the communication of morethan 150 villages is disconnected as flood water flows over the bridges and somewhere the roads are washed out and morethan 10thousand people are affected.
The Mangalpur Hati Barrage is overloaded with water and reached its highest level of 265 mtrs. And though the electric production is stopped 5 gates are opened and heavy water flows in Hati river causing floods at its down streams. In Jaipatna Block morethan 5 hundreds people are rescued and given cooked and dry foods at Mangalpur RMC campus.
In Kalampur block the flood situation is very measurable. The Balichhada,Matikhal,Biripur, KhandiDangariguda,Karmeli villages are most affected .It is fact that these villages are on the river bank and every year the people suffer a lot .Moretha 200 people rescued and given cooked and dry foods at different places by the administration.
In Junagarh Block Chiliguda,Hariharpur,Kachhharpada,Kotengaon,Antarla,purunasar villages on the Hati River bank and Makarsola,Amathola, Sahajkana villages on the Tel River bank and B.Tulsipali,Ranpur, Golamunda villages on the bank of Bhatrajore are mostly affected and thousands of hector of Agriculture land are sand casted. The affected morethan 100 persons rescued by BDO Junagarh and Tahasildar Junagarh with the help of ODRAF team and kept them at safe places with cooked and dry foods.
In Narla block due to breaches in road communication somany villages like Gigina,Salepada, Balsingha,Ghantamal and somany villages are flood affected.
In MRampur block 20 students of Odisha Adarsha Vidyalaya couldnot returned to their home and rescued by the BDO mRampur and Tahasildar and kept them at DamKhurlakhunta Seva Kendra providing cooked foods.The BDO mRampur and Tahasildar are looking the situation very closely.
In Lanjigarh block and Karlamunda block kesinga block and Bhawanipatna block morethan thousand people are affected and rescued by the administration as well as providing fooding to them.
In Bhawanipatna town water logging situation in the slum area like sambhunagar ,Hill town,Naktiguda,Kalimandirpada,Ramsagarpada,Mandarbagichapada,Dhobapada,Chudiharipada,Badpada,Gountiapada,and many more bastis. People disapproved the drain cleanings of the Municipality. The Municipality Office and the Balaji Mandir Campus are also affected water logging problems.
In Junagarh Town though morethan 5 feet high water flows over the old bridge level the road communication is not affected as high level bridge is there but the over floaded water flows was affected and up to kalampur road. As a result the slum area of Talbandh pada was mostly affected of water logging. The fatenagar pada is also affected since last four days and communication is collapsed. The water from half of the Junagarh town is flows through the drain constructed within Fatenagar and due the faulty drain and bridge construction the drainage system is affected and water logging problems arises.
The rainfall is going on till today Sunday afternoon and 172mtr average rainfall in Kalahandi is recorded by the district administration.