Odisha Govt revenue generation registered overall growth of over 9%, spending up 36 per cent


Bhubaneswar: Overall growth in revenue generation, spending has also gone up in the State. A latest analysis by the Department of Finance (DoF) reveals that generation of own revenue has registered an overall growth of over nine per cent, while spending up to August is more than 36 per cent.

While the Budget estimate for 2017-18 of own tax and non tax revenue was Rs 36,300 crore, collection up to August 31 was Rs 12,280 crore. Own tax revenue collection was Rs 9,410 crore and own non tax revenue collection was Rs 2,870 crore.

If one compares this fiscal scenario with corresponding period of last fiscal, during this period, it is much better situation so far as both revenue generation and spending is concerned.

Own revenue generation presents an overall growth of 9.75 per cent and this is without IGST also, as figure of IGST for August, 2017 is not yet available, said sources in the DoF.

Non tax revenue from mining sector has gone up, which has registered 47 per cent growth as compared to first four months of 2016-17.

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