Odisha Govt evacuated 5lakh people to safe shelters; 4,000 rescue personnel forces deployed

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Govt evacuated 5lakh people to safe shelters. Evacuation continuing in many places.

State Government sources said that at least 52 teams of NDRF, 60 teams of ODRAF, 206 units of Fire Services and 86 Forest Department teams, together consisting of 4,000 personnel of 404 teams have already been deployed for rescue and restoration operations in cyclone-affected areas.

Besides, 300 ASKA lights have been dispatched to the affected areas for emergency lighting purpose. To meet drinking water crisis, as many as 813 mobile water tanks in 317 vehicles, 681 PVC tanks and 786 DG sets have kept standby and an adequate number of overhead tanks have been filled up.

The Energy Department has deployed at least 10,000 officials and staffs in various places for emergency requirement. The department has storage of 3,000-km wires and 1,200 transformers for restoration of power lines in case of emergencies. The Government has targeted to shift 4,500 pregnant women to nearby hospitals and out of them 1,000 have already been shifted. Nearly 400 women have delivered in hospitals.

As many as 6,900 cyclone centres are ready for use where 7.50 lakh people can be accommodated. This apart, directive has been issued to keep the public buildings open for use during the last-moment evacuation, the SRC said.

A total of 710 DG (diesel generator) sets and 813 tankers have been dispatched to various spots. More than 10,000 employees of Energy Department have been deployed in the districts likely to be affected for electricity restoration works.

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