Odisha Govt accelerate relief and restoration works in the affected area; Restoration works in full speed in Puri

Bhubaneswar: Government has been making all out efforts to provide relief to victims of Cyclone “FANI”. In order to accelerate relief and restoration works in the affected area Human Resources, Machines and equipments are being optimally used so that normalcy can be restored soon. It has been the endeavor of the Government to bring back the situation to pre-cyclone state by mobilizing skilled manpower of the State as well as from outside the State. Innovative technical ideas are also put in place for the purpose. Priority has been given to supply of Drinking Water, Electricity, relief and restoration, telecommunication, banking services, sanitation and health related issues in the areas affected by “FANI”.
Rural Drinking Water Supply  566 Nos. of Tankers have been provided in all the 7 Affected Districts for providing safe Drinking Water to all the Habitations. Around 300 Nos. of Heavy duty Gensets has been mobilized from different districts and put to run PWS which have been interrupted due to power connection.110 heavy duty Gensets are pressed in at Puri and Khorda districts as on elate. More are being mobilised. 01 Mobile Treatment Plant has been deployed at Mahakalpada, Kendrapara District, 2Nos of Mobile water Treatment Plants of capacity 2000 Itr per hour have been deployed at Astaranga and Kakatpur 8 more Mobile Treatment Plants are deployed at Satyabadi, Kanasa, Gop & Puri Sadar respectively.  In Bhadrak & Kendrapada district 100% restoration has been done through Genset and power Supply and Districts like Jajpur, Jagatsinghpur part of Cuttack District, Khordha more than 70% restoration water supply has been done. As on today 311 nos. PWS in Khorda are functional. Similarly 181 nos. PWS of Puri Districts are now functional. Out of 2364 nos. of damaged PWS 1976 Nos. of PWS have been restored with Genset and power supply. 100 % restoration of affected PWS will be done by 13th of May. Energy Restoration The State Government is taking all out efforts to restore the power supply to all the consumers.  The Department of Energy have notified 1.5  times of prescribed wage rate for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled laborers in cyclone restoration work so as to attract more no of competent gangs from within and outside the State. Fooding wage Rs.150 per person per day has also been prescribed. 310 gangs are engaged for electricity restoration works. In Cuttack City restoration work is in full swing under 3 divisions namely CDD-I, CDD-II and CED. In CDD-I out of total 51 nos. of 11 kv feeder, all have been charged. Out of total 72000 consumers under this division 70,000 consumers have been supplied with electricity by now. Technicians, Linemen and Skilled Trainees from ITIs and Polytechnics have been mobilized to complete the restoration work within the targeted dateline.

They are on the job day and night and even in the scorching sunlight to help the affected people. In CDD-II 23 out of 44 feeders have been operational with 43,000 consumers supplied with electricity out of total 70,000 consumers under the division. Rest consumers will be covered within next two days i.e. 12th May. In CED, two 33 KV feeders have been damaged. Out of total 38 nos. of 11 KV feeder, 16 have been charged. Work is on war footing to supply electricity very soon to rest of the consumers. Out of total 95,000 rural consumers under this division 44,000 consumers have been supplied with electricity by now. In Bhubaneswar urban area the restoration work has gained momentum and the achievement is more than the expected target. There are 3 divisions namely BCDD-I, BCDD-II and BED. In BCDD-I all the 44 feeders have been charged by 9th May. Out of 58,000 consumers under this division 51, 000 consumers have been supplied with electricity. The rest consumers would be covered today. In BCDD-II out of 66 feeders 56 feeders have been charged and 6 feeders will be made operational by today midnight. Out of the total 97000 consumers 90,000 consumers have already been provided power supply. In BED (Urban) all 26 nos of 11 KV have been made functional.  Out of 87,000 consumers 60,575 consumers have been provided with electricity. By today night 15,000 consumers will be covered. Work has started in full swing in the rural areas under this division with 75 linemen for facilitating service connections. 260 ITI, Polytechnic trained persons and plumbers will visit all houses for sorting out problems relating to electricity connection and drinking water. Efforts are on to provide electricity to all  consumers of Bhubaneswar urban area by 12th May.  Health Services All the health centres of the affected districts have been restored power supply. In Puri District out of 16 Community Health Centres 14 have been provided water supply similarly 9 Community Health Centres out of 12 in Khordha District have been provided with the same. City Scan, ISU & SNCU have been made functional in Puri District Headquarters Hospital. Instructions have been issued to provide sanitary Napkins free of cost to Women and Girls of the District. Special focus has been given to provide health services in Puri, Gop, Kanas, Satyabadi, Barhmagiri and Krushanaprasad Block of Puri district. Massive IEC campaign is being carried on while 5941 cleanliness  drives have been conducted by Gaon Kalyana Samitis and 37907 open water sources have been disinfected till date. 22 Specialists of GoI and WHO are conducting surveillance for early warning signals for possible disease outbreaks. There is no report of epidemic caused due to cyclone. Due to death of domestic animals in some areas Mobile Health Units have been pressed into service.
Telecommunication All master switching Centres have been operational with electric power supply except Vodaphone, Naharkanta which will be powered once Main Grid Feeder is restored. All Base Switching Centre of three Districts i.e Puri, Khordha and Cuttack are working for all service providers. Airtell Cell on Wheel (CoW) at Badadanda, Puri is working while its CoW at Swargadwar, Gudncha Temple, Chakratirth road and 02 Jio CoW at Railway Station and Circuit House will be operational from today. 04 nos. of CoWs will be made functional at Swargadwara, Gundicha Temple, CT Road and Collectorate .  83 Nos of Telephone Exchanges out of 99 in Khurda District have been functional while 24 No of Exchanges out of 41 in Puri District are working. 45% of Mobile Towers have been functional in Khurda District while 21% and 69% of Puri & Cuttack District respectively have been functional.
Banking 185 branches of various banks out of 222 branches in Puri District have become operational as on today i.e 11 May and 43 ATMs have been working out of 275 ATMs. 545 Nos of branches out of 657 in Khurda district, 318 Nos of branches out of 394 in Cuttack district have been operational till date. Out of 1184 ATMs 412 in Khordha district, 240 out of 574 in Cuttack District have been made operational. Yesterday SLBC meeting was convened with Deputy Governor of RBI, Top Brass of different commercial banks and insurance companies attended the meeting. It was resolved to operationalise ATMs, provide credit assistance and settle insurance claims soon. The worst affected areas of Puri and Khordha will be provided with Mobile ATM and POS facilities.
Relief Distribution
A total no of 489450 beneficiaries have been provided relief in shape of Cash. Similarly 269711 affected people have been distributed Polythene or Cash in lieu of Polythene. Rice is distributed to the affected people in different affected districts. As reported Rice has been distributed to beneficiaries i.e. 29% in Puri,  72% in Jagatsinghpur, 52% in Kendrapara, 37.89% in Cuttack, 22.24% in Khordha.  Free Kitchen Service is functioning in the affected areas to cater the need of cooked food in the badly affected areas. Due to massive damage to central Kitchen of Aahaar Kendras alternative arrangement is being made to make the Aahaar Kendras functional very soon.
Agriculture Sector  As per preliminary assessment total 152985.40 Hectare agricultural land under 88 blocks of the 14 affected districts have been damaged. Out of this 121961 hectares of agricultural land sustain more than 33 percent crop loss. Out of these 36,898 Ha. are irrigated and 72746 are rain fed. Similarly in Coconut, Betel, Cashew and other vegetables and fruits of 12277 Ha. have been damaged. As per preliminary assessment a total sum of Rs. 145.45 crore is required to compensate the loss caused due to cyclone. Revenue & Disaster Management and Agriculture & Farmers’ Empowerment Department have been working jointly to assess the exact loss in different districts.    Fishery  Out of 6390 nos. of damaged fishing boats, 4041 nos. of boats are fully damaged and 2349 boats are partially damaged. Out of 7240 nos. of damaged fishing nets, 4310 nos. of fishing nets are fully damaged and 2930 nets are partially damaged. 279 fish ponds have been damaged during this Cyclone. 21 nos. of fishing infrastructure have been damaged. Total amount required towards payment of compensation as per NDRF/SDRF norms is to the tune of 6crore 65 Lakh 91 Thousand 824 rupees. Total amount required for repair of the damaged infrastructure is to the tune of 10 crore 36 Lakh 50 Thousand rupees.
ARD • 2210 large animals (cow, buffalo, bullock) dead.• 2488 small animals (goat and sheep) dead.• 37 Lakhs 28 Thousand 381 (poultry birds) dead.• Total – 37 Lakhs 33 Thousand 079 carcass disposed.• 1704 nos. of Veterinary camps organized• 106071 nos. of animals treated.• 205955 vaccinations done.• 1722 MT of cattle field supplied to affected districts. 1152 MT of cattle field supplied to Puri and 109 MT 1722 MT of cattle field supplied to Cuttack.• Total amount required towards payment of compensation as per NDRF/SDRF norms is to the tune of 7 Crore 27 Lakh 29 Thousand 750 rupees. Total amount required for repair of the damaged infrastructure is to the tune of 8 Crore 94 Lakh 50 Thousand rupees. • 35 Supervising Officers from Directorate of AH & VS and other unaffected districts have been deployed in the worst affected 35 blocks of Puri, Khordha and Cuttack.Handlooms & Handicraft sector FANI has taken heave toll on Handlooms & Handicraft sector leaving in its trail, damage to weavers’ Workshed-cum-Housing, Common Facilitation centre (CFC) building, Office building, Multi Storeyed Office Building of Apex Cooperative Society (Boyanika), Government Farm House, Reeling Units, Pilot Project centres under Sericulture Sector.  As per preliminary report FANI has ravaged 14 districts of the State which are mostly the craft production areas. About 71,060 artisans and handicraft infrastructures like Workshed-Training Centres Office Buildings, Society Buildings, Showrooms, Godown have been affected and the total loss is approximately 65.25 crore. Government Institution like Kala Bhumi, Odisha Craft Museum has been severely affected. Repair and restoration work is under way.
Rescue and Road Clearance Drive  264 nos. of Fire Teams have been deployed for search & rescue operation and Road Clearance in the affected areas (Puri-58, Jagatsinghpur-5, Bhubaneswar-90, Khordha-32, Cuttack-77 and Balasore-2).  130 teams of Odisha Forest Development Corporation have been engaged for road clearance and tree cutting in Bhubaneswar and Puri. Forest and Environment Department The recent extreme cyclonic storm FANI has affected coastal districts of Odisha and caused huge damage to the trees, plantations and infrastructure of 20 forest and wildlife divisions in respect of Forest & Environment Department. The quantum of damage in respect of infrastructure includes VHF tower, staff quarters, protection barracks, office buildings, roads, culverts, eco-tourism facilities, rest housed, boats and vessels, nurseries etc. in connection with recent extremely server cyclonic storm FANI is about 7829.745 Lakhs (Rs.78.30 Crores). About 9 Lakhs tress have been uprooted inside forest and sanctuary area (damage-Rs.270 Crores). More than 5 Lakh tress outside the forest area have been uprooted/severely damaged (damage Rs.150 Crore). 8 Lakhs of seedlings in plantation, urban areas incurring a loss of Rs.39.50 Crores. The total damage caused by the extreme severe cyclonic storm FANI is calculated Rs.537.80 Crores.  Nandankanan Zoo will be opened from 21st May, 2019 for public. Jayadev Batika  will be opened tomorrow. Ekamra Kanan is already opened.
Restoration work undertaken by Works Department  All the roads of Bhubaneswar city have been made motorable.  Similarly all the roads of the Cuttack City have been made motorable. Cent percent road connectivity has been achieved in the rural areas of Cuttack district upto GP level. All the PWD roads of Khordha District have been cleared and the uprooted trees have been shifted.  The road connectivity in Ganjam and Gajapati districts has been fully restored to normalcy.
Human casualty 43 nos. of human casualty have been reported so far. As per the said report the district wise figure i.e. Puri – 21, Kendrapada – 03, Mayurbhanj-04, Jajpur-04, Cuttack-06 and Khordha – 05.
Damage caused in Puri District Kutcha Houses have been extensively damaged in Puri districts. As per the reports of SRC a total no of 1,89,095 houses have been damaged. Due to cyclone 60 people who have sustained injuries are hospitalized.
Damage caused in Cuttack District 3 blocks of Cuttack District namely Badamba, Narasinghpur and Tigiria have been provided with Electricity in 90% area. 50 % Electricity supply has been restored in Athgarh, Banki and Dampada Block. Similarly block headquarters of Tangi, Chaudwar, Salepur, Nishchintakoili have been connected power supply. The personnel of ULBs of  Dhenkanal, Chaudwar, Nayagarh and Paradeep have been deployed to Cuttack for the improvement of cleaning and sanitation works.
Dairy plants made operational  Dairy plants are fully operational in BBSR. 25 mobile milk units and 6 e-carts of OMFED are supplying milk in BBSR city.




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