Odisha Government ITIs developed low cost Covid hosp equipment, foot operated wash basin system

Bhubaneswar: The Government Industrial Training Institute of Brahmapur is the first such institute in the State to prepare extreme low cost “aerosol box” and “face shields” for medical staff involved in treatment of Covid-19 patients at various Covid-19 Hospital ICUs, said the Principal of Brahmpaur ITI Rajat Panigrahi here.

Receiving information about it, the Director General of Employment and Training (DGET) and Central Ministry for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship have organized a video conference of ITIs in the country on April 30, where the Brahmpaur ITI expert team demonstrated technical training for preparation of these much needed crucial medical equipment.

At the request of Ganjam district administration, the Brahmapaur ITI successfully experimented construction of cost effective “aerosol box” and “face shields”, sources said.

Notably, the market price of an “aerosol box” is around Rs 10,000 whereas the Brahmapur ITI makes it at low production cost of Rs 3,000 only. Similarly, each “face shield” is currently being sold in the market at Rs 200 where as the production cost of this at Brahmapur ITI is made at Rs 11.

Professionals of ITI Hirakud made and installed a foot operated wash basin system from the scrap and unused materials lying inside the campus and face shields. A laudable step to prevent spread of #COVID19.