Odisha Go Committee tried in a new way to improve the rural economy; Establishment of 40 ideal Go-Village

Bhubaneswar: To improvise the rural economy and to build a healthy India, Odisha has been taken as an example total 40 ideal new Go-villages are going to be established as it was pledged in the last month of October at International Go- Navratri Mahotsav in Puri.
While talking about this project in a press meet, Committees’ head pioneer Parmahansa Pragyannand G Maharaj said that a pre-work of this project has been started, a training center has been established at Guru Govind Go-sevashram premises of Hariharanand Gurukul in Puri. In this training center the rural farmers of odisha will be trained by skilled trainer who will educate them the procedure of Cow farming, the production method and uses of organic pesticides. This training is completely tax free. Apart from this, there are also provisions of some application based trainings like production of immunizer, pain killer, health supplement & different types of pain relief balms and daily use products like phenyl, tooth paste, mosquito repellant etc.
The most important part is there are so many programmes that have been undertaken to provide market for these products by conducting awareness camps at districts as well as state level through Odisha Go-Seva Committee. The main objective of this camp is participating farmers can get their right pay for their produce.
With time, arrangements will be made in the 40 go- villages for the use of pure organic goods, cow breeding & the dairy based agriculture. By the time the Go-villages will be acting as an application center.
Paramhans Prakash Says that the selling of the products produced from dairy farming by the trained farmers get at the best price in the market would help to improve the rural economy as well as the create a healthy society. Go-Mata, Jay Gopal.


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