Odisha BJP alleged Conspiracy in depositing Rs 545 crore of Puri Jagannath Temple in Yes Bank

Bhubaneswar: The BJP on Sunday alleged that there was an ulterior motive in depositing a huge amount of Rs 545 crore of the Puri Jagannath Temple in the Yes Bank as the bank was not in the list provided by the Development Commissioner based on SLBC guidelines

Addressing a Press conference, BJP State general secretary Prithviraj Harichandan said the list provided by the Development Commissioner in 2017 figured 22 nationalised and large banks and three cooperative banks. The name of Yes Bank was not in the list.

However, the State Government parked the Jagannath Temple’s Rs 545 crore in Fixed Deposit and Rs 47 crore in Flexi Deposit in March 2019.

While the bank was getting financially weaker, the Tirupati Temple Trust withdrew its deposits of Rs 1,300 crore from it. Law Minister Pratap Jena had informed the State Assembly that the Jagannath Temple money would be withdrawn from the Yes Bank on the maturity date on March 19.

“It is clear that the Government made the deposit despite knowing about the bankrupt condition of the Yes Bank. The irregularity should be unraveled,” demanded Harichandan.