Odisha awarded “Best performing state in the Country” in Skill development

Bhubaneswar: Odisha awarded “Best performing state in the Country” in Skill development. In August 2016, the state government articulated a simple idea: “Skilled-in-Odisha”.
“It is perhaps one of the most poignant metaphors in our recent memory. Here, we are saying, our efforts at skill development must take us to a level where people would ask, “Are you simply skilled or are you Skilled-in-Odisha? It is an aspirational statement. It is a goal that is galvanising the entire skill eco-system of the State. Every department, every training partner, every one connected to the skill eco-system has got the message: Odisha is thinking and doing differently. Odisha is aiming at a very different orbital position. The reason why we are doing this is simple – our children matter to us. To us, it is not about pushing herds of young women and men into an automata called skill training. We are deeply aware that the real purpose is human transformation in which skill development is a means to an end. When we skill a child, we give that child an identity, honour, a safety net and not just a path to employment. This is a very different way at looking at the task at hand,” said CM Naveen Patnaik.
“This award of “Best in Country” that we have received today, makes us feel that the lofty goal we have set for ourselves and the hard work we are putting in, is worth the effort. It will give us inspiration to stay the course because, this is going to be a long haul. Through the goal of skilling 8 lakhs in 3 years, we are talking about one of the largest human transformation efforts in which an entire generation will cross the chasm that lies between exclusion and just entitlement,” said CM Naveen Patnaik.
CM Naveen Patnaik congratulates Team Odisha on this recognition and wish all strive to make this dream become a reality.