Odisha: Amidst land acquisition, Dhinkia villagers exposed massive protests against JSW

Report by Kahnu Nanda, Jagatsinghpur: Amidst the land acquisition for the proposed JSW project underway in Nuagaon, Gadakujanga, and partial Dhinkia Panchayat’s under Erasama block, the project opponents in Dhinkia revenue village on Thursday exposed a massive protest inside the village and expressed their unwillingness to sacrifice their land for JSW.
Meanwhile, a 15 members delegation from united Kishan Morcha joined at the protest later held a discussion with the civil administration and appealed to consider locals’ voices with regards to the setting of the JSW steel plant.
The Kishan Morcha leaders Ex MLA Narayan Reddy, environmentalist Praffula Samantaraiah, Suresh Panigrahi and others held meeting with Erasama Tahasildar, police officials and vowed that the project agitators human rights and fundamental rights are under threat, cops have been surrounding Dhinkia villages, residents are fearing coming out of the village, essential commodities deficiency has been surfaced, the financial condition of the locals at stake, they were no mood to hand over the land for the JSW project continuing agitation uninterruptedly, so the administration should consider the difficulties of villagers, morcha leaders pleaded..
On the turn ErasamaTahasildar Choudhury Pragyannanda Das informed that the Kishan Morcha leaders held a good meeting with the administration on Thursday, we are ready to hold dialogue with the agitators, consider their grievances but unavailing positive response from them, even they have been blocking entry to the village, restricting the entrance of police, government officials JSW authority to the village, again civil administration appeal villagers to come forward for discussion, Tahasildar said.
Earlier on Thursday, a massive protest rally was organized in Dhinkia village where thousands of villagers including women, children converged at Phulakhai temple held protest meetings and pledged that we will not allow our land for industrial purposes, JSW proposed project would be opposed vehemently.
However the betel vines demolition drive continued at Patana, Mahala Dhinkia villages, 118 vines have been razed to earth, 53 beneficiaries have reimbursed an amount of Rs 1,41, 93,79 as on Thursday, a JSW press release revealed.


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