Odisha achieved over 10.84 per cent growth over July-2018 in tax collection

Bhubaneswar: State tax collection rises by 10.84 per cent. The State Government has achieved over 10.84 per cent growth over July-2018 in collection of both tax and nontax revenue.While the State Government had set a target to collect Rs 47,350 crore of tax and nontax revenue during fiscal 2019-20, by July 31, it has been able to collect Rs 14,463.64 crore.

The Department of Finance is monitoring the revenue collection and it came to fore that own tax revenue collection has been achieved at Rs 10,046.33 crore, while non tax revenue collection was Rs 4,417.31 crore by July end.

Commercial tax collection up to July 31 was Rs 6,491.30 crore out of which State GST was Rs 3,072.37 crore, said sources.

In absence of a full time Transport Commissioner, taxe collection on vehicles has gone down by minus 10 per cent. By July 31, tax collected on vehicles was Rs 515.15 crore.

And absence of a full time Transport Commissioner has cost the State heavily with fatality on road has gone up by 13 per cent, which was supposed to go by minus 10 per cent as per directive of the Supreme Court of India.

Tax collection on liquor has gone up by over 20 per cent with a collection of Rs 1,377.76 crore by July end. This year Rs 4,600 crore of Excise revenue will be collected as per target set by Chief Secretary.

Stamp and registration collection has registered a whopping over 57 per cent growths with Rs 559.89 crore collected during the period.

Professional Tax collection continues to register ‘negative growth’ and the target of collecting Rs 210 crore seems difficult, officials feel.

Own tax revenue collection has registered 6.33 per cent growth over corresponding period of 2018.

Non tax revenue collection by July end was Rs 4,417.31 crore, which registered 22.70 per cent growth.

Only metal sector revenue was Rs 3,796.94 crore, which registered 24.14 percent growth.

Metallurgical industries sector continues to be helpful for the State Government in collecting more non tax revenue for last few years as metal sector is a bit favorable.

Other non tax revenue sector like interest collection, dividend raising, education cess, medical user fee and others have added to the State exchequer.

The State Government is eyeing for a total Revenue receipt of Rs 1,15,266 crore from all sources like tax, non tax, share tax and grants from theGovernment of India.

The State Government is expecting Rs 39,206.59 crore of share tax and Rs 30,559.41 crore of grant from Centre during 2019-20.

And by July 31, the State has been able to receive Rs 30,608.21 crore on revenue receipt front

Total revenue receipt has registered a poor growth of 1.80 per cent over July-2018.


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