Odisha: 6 year old Tiki fights a crocodile ; saves a life


Kendrapara: Tiki Dalai is a 6 year-old girl from Bankuala village in Kendrapara district of Odisha. The first sight of the frail tiny girl will never make one believe that today, she displayed exemplary courage and save her friend Basanti Dalai from furious crocodile attack.

Both the girls were bathing in the village pond when a crocodile suddenly leaped from the water and attacked Basanti. Tiki picking up a bamboo stick and hit it on animal’s head. The Croc had the victim gripped in its jaws and when Tiki jolted the animal, it left the girl and slip back into the water.

“The attack was very sudden. The stick that was lying near the pond ”, Tiki, narrated. “I acted on the spur of the moment. I had taken it for granted that the animal would kill my friend” she added.

This croc attack occurred outside the Bitarakanika national park limits. The state forest department would bear the cost of treatment of the injured following croc attack. Besides the department would also award compensation sum to the injured person’s family as per revised rules, said Divisional Forest Officer Bimal Acharya.

The survivor Basanti Dalai is a standard one student of a government-run school in Bankuala village. She is undergoing treatment at a government-run hospital. While recalling the harrowing experience Basanti thanked her friend and schoolmate Tiki Dalai.

The victim sustained multiple wounds on her hand and thigh. The Chief Medical Officer has stated that the victim is now out of danger.

Noted socio-political leader and Chairman of SNSMT Shri. Suparno Satpathy has put in a message with the DM of Kendrapara, the CM of Odisha, the PM of India and the President of India for a national bravery award for little Tiki.