Odisha: 164 new Corona cases in Rayagada- 3 days shut down & closure of outdoor of DHH for two days declared; 15% of the total affected are Covid warriors & 64% from rural areas

Report by Badal Tah; Rayagada: Saturday witnessed the highest upsurge of 164 persons affected with Covid-19 in different parts of Rayagada. The total cumulative number was 897 with 440 number of active cases & seven deaths so far. Interestingly this time number cases from urban areas of Rayagada and Gunupur is 59(36%) and the rest 105(64%) are from rural areas of Bissam Cuttack, Muniguda, Kolnara, Gunupur, Rayagada, Ramanaguda & Padmapur blocks. It is evident from the statistics provided by the district administration that the dreaded disease is aggressively penetrating into rural areas.

Apart from earlier restrictions declared earlier and strictures prescribed from state headquarters, Collector Sri Pramod Kumar Behera has promulgated several orders today declaring important directives such as the shutdown of the entire districts for next three days, weekend shutdown till August 16, closure of liquor shops(only online delivery is allowed), closure of weekly haats, closure of OPD of the District Headquarters Hospital for two days, etc.

According to Sri Amrit Ruturaj, IAS, PD, DRDA, Rayagada, who is the district level nodal officer for Covid-19,” Shut down will continue during weekends. Shutdown means closure of all grocery shops too which should not be done for more than 2-3 days at stretch. For rest lockdown will be done. The present numbers are mostly from earlier containment zones with symptoms. So no reason for panic actually. They will recover after few days. Nothing to worry. Out of 164, 129 are from already made containment zones. So even if number is more still they were contained for few days there and they will again stay at Covid care centres under isolation and observation for few days followed by home isolation again. So recovery will be there. Hence actually speaking numerical it looks high but if we look it rationally then cases are from areas which are under cluster containment. Random spread is not there. It is not a bad sign at all.”

Unfortunately, till date, 141 covid warriors are also affected most of whom are police personnels, government administrative staff & employees of govt health department. This comes to 15% of the total affected, which is a prime issue of concern. Out of the total number 58 have cured and 83 are undergoing treatment. “Wish the public is little more careful & cooperative. We will be in a better position soon”, said Dr.Saravana Vivek M, IPS, SP, Rayagada.

“As more numbers of covid warriors are getting affected, this only reflects their commitment for the cause. Though most of the public is aware, a few, who consciously violate rules, need to be taken to task”, opined Dr.Selvaraju, Ex-Principal of Rayagada College, presently officiating as member of National Lok Adalat.

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