Odisha: 13 political parties’ delegation visit JSW site Dhinkia village

Report by Kahnu Nanda, Jagatsinghpur: A 13 oppostaion political parties delegation led by Congress Seva Dal head Aryakumar Gyanendra visited JSW proposed project site Dhinkia village on Friday. The aim of the visiting political leaders described as to study the ground realities after the ill famous police excess occurred in village on January 14.
The visiting political leaders were greeted by the villagers who had been opposing the JSW project in their locality, hundreds of villagers accompanied by women, children converged at Phulakhai temple held interaction with delegation members.
The irate villagers decried state government was using police forces to acquire land and trying to evict villagers from the their land, when they were protesting the event on January 14, had been come under wrath of police forces and JSW hired agents hooligans.
About hundreds had been injured following police and villagers clash, few people are still missing from village, police had been terrorizing villagers to lodge cases against them if they started launching stir against JSW, villagers revealed at the delegation.
After interecting with affected villagers Congress Seva Dal head Arya Kumar Gyanendra claimed that immediate withdrawal of police forces from village so as normalcy would be returned. While left leaders pleaded relocation of JSW project site as Dhinkia villagers are disagreeing to sacrifice land for the project rued PCC secretary Biplab Choudhury.
The CPI leaders Janardan Pati, Ashis Kanuongo , CPM leader Lova Kanta Swain, members from RSP, AAP, Samajawadi party, CPI [ML] forward block were participated.

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