Odiaha: Zero Tolerance Policy for encroachers of Govt land, wetland; BMC, BDA to ensure original width of Drainage

Bhubaneswar: Natural drainage channel no. 10, which originates from Nayapalli Haza and carry rainwater from Nayappalli and its catchment nearby, will have its natural width of about 12 metre, till its reaches the nearby Bidyut Marg. A joint action team of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) and Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) would depute enquiry squads and start action on each encroachment very soon.
BMC Commissioner-cum-Vice-Chairman BDA Dr. Krishan Kumar after a field visit to Nayapalli and ISKCON areas yesterday has asked the team of officials from BMC-BDA to adopt “Zero Tolerance Policy’’ for the Drainage Channel No. 10 as it collects the entire rainwater from the zone and carries it to Gangua Nullah, on the city outskirts.
In order to maintain the width of 12 metre throughout the length o f the drainage channel up to “The World’’ shopping mall all government land will become encroachment free and also Stop Construction Notices would be issued to violators. No construction activity would be permitted until the entire width of 12 metres for the Drainage Channel No. 10 is identified.
The BMC Commissioner-cum-Vice-Chairman BDA has also asked the Drainage Division in BMC to prepare a Master Plan for constructing entire drain network from Krishna Tower to Mumtaz Ali High School to Nayapalli Haza area, so that water from Behera Sahi Chhak upto Mumtaz Ali High School and upto Nayapalli Haza flows smoothly.
The BMC Drainage Division shall make a detailed plan including urgent repair and widening of the existing drains in and around Nayapalli Haza and connecting the missing links for better discharge of the rainwater. This specific Master Plan would ensure that smooth discharge of water from NH near ISKCON area to Nayapalli Haza takes place and there is no ponding or overflowing of water anywhere during heavy rains.
It can be mentioned here that the siphon in front of Krishna Tower opposite ISKCON Temple is divided into two channels just after the NH. While one passes through Beherasahi, another passes through Bhoisahi. Both the channels would also be widened to required width and constructed in a manner so as to carry the rainwater from Nayapalli catchment.
Similarly, the drain and road from the siphon near Krishna Tower passing through Hare Krishna Khimji lane upto Damayanti Apartment of Beherasahi would be made in a straight line. Any structure coming in the way of the construction of this drain and road shall be demolished and the private land shall be acquired.
After studying feasibility, three drains namely from Bhoisahi Chakk to Mumtaz Ali High School, from Beherasahi Chhak to Nayapalli Haza and from turning point of Balunkeshwar temple to Nayapalli Haza to be constructed.
In order to have cross referencing and indicate slopes and gradients available for smooth discharge of storm water from the entire area, copy of proposed sewerage network would be asked for from the Sewerage Board.
As a patch of land adjoining Nayapalli Haza appears to be a wetland and has been occupied unauthorisedly, BDA-BMC land branches would verify their status and steps shall be taken to get all encroachments removed and if it founds to be government land it would be part of Nayapalli Haza.
The BMC Drainage Division will prepare a comprehensive plan for development of Nayapalli Haza with best in class natural treatment processes. This would include floating wetlands, constructed wetlands, sedimentation tanks and water bubbling/aerators. This would improve the water quality before its discharge to the Drainage Channel No. 10.
The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has served notices on ISKCON Temple authorities and Presidency Hotel in Nayapalli area for encroaching the road and contributing towards the water logging in the area.
The show cause notice issued to ISKCON Temple reads why action would not be taken against the religious body for encroachment under the Section 407 of Odisha Municipal Corporation Act, 2003 and BMC Users’ Charge Regulation, 2015.
Similarly, the letter issued to Hotel Presidency for using the right of way (ROW) of its nearby road (NH) for parking of the guests and others coming to the hotel. The notices were also issued under Section 407 of Odisha Municipal Corporation Act, 2003 and BMC Users’ Charge Regulation, 2015.
The Additional Commissioner BMC has also written a letter to the Member Secretary, Odisha State Pollution Control Board (OSPCB) for the inspection of the sewerage treatment plant (STP) as the hotel is discharging dirty water causing insanitary condition in the area. It has also requested the OSPCB to take appropriate action against the hotel, if there is improper functioning of the STP.

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