Odia Samaj Abu Dhabi (OSA) supports distressed and stranded Odias in UAE

Dubai: Mahendra was the backbone of the house. He was employed in Abu Dhabi as a supervisor in a private company for over a decade, supporting his family and marrying off his four sisters as a responsible son and loving brother. His mother, wife and little daughter were waiting for his safe return from Abu Dhabi, but God had other plans for him and smothered out his valuable life much before the Coronavirus pandemic, leaving his family in grief and desperation.

Odia Samaj Abu Dhabi (OSA), a socio cultural organization constituted by Odia brothers and sisters living in Abu Dhabi, UAE emerged as angels for the grieving family. Following the lead from the social media, OSA members coordinated with their family members in Guptira village, Chandanpur panchayat under his hometown of Pattamundai, Odisha. Few OSA members went to his house during this difficult time and provided his family with an initial financial assistance of Rs 61,000 and promised to support them in future.

The OSA committee members has been praised for their help at the grassroots level by investing their time and money from their own contribution. They helped 52 stranded Odia brothers and sisters to return their motherland Odisha by historic flights directly from Dubai to Bhubaneswar in coordination with Indian Embassy – Abu Dhabi, Consulate General of India, Dubai and Air India during this Corona epidemic.

In addition, during time of natural disasters in Odisha, like Fani, Failin, etc. they have been providing assistance to the people of Odisha as true sons and daughters of the motherland. Mr. Pradeep Kumar Rath, President of OSA, thanked the Odia community for extending a helping hand generously. The (OSA), representing expat odia residents in Abu Dhabi is also promoting Odia art and culture globally. Such herculean efforts by OSA brings smiles on many faces and prosperity among needy odias everywhere.

Stay blessed OSA and continue your philanthropic activities everywhere.

To end with ‘ Marcus Tulliius Cicero ‘ Non nobis solum nati sumus. (Not for ourselves alone are we born.)” , We are born to serve the needy.