#NTPC Talcher Kaniha pro-actively supports Jan Andolan Campaign

Talcher: In a bid to promote and propagate COVID-19 appropriate behaviour, NTPC Talcher Kaniha distributed awareness leaflets in its peripheral villages. A team of NTPC officials provided awareness leaflets in Odia with information on Do’s/Don’ts during home quarantine in villages like Gadasila, Rangabeda, and Bijigol on October 16, 2020.

With a mass awareness drive, the Station is also channelizing the potential of a public address system to increase awareness on preventing the widely infectious novel Coronavirus. Digital display of COVID-19 precautions and protocols has been done at important locations like Plant Gate, Plant Canteen etc. In addition, banners have also been displayed at prominent locations of the Plant premises to ensure that the three golden principles of “wear a mask, follow social distancing, and implement hand-hygiene” are rigorously followed.


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