NTPC Talcher Kaniha installs 60 kWp Rooftop Solar PV systems at Administrative Building

Kaniha: Ram Kuber ,Executive Director NTPC Talcher Kaniha commissioned 60 kWp Rooftop Solar PV plant at its Administrative Building today.The installation Rooftop Solar PV system was implemented under Sustainable Development initiative.

With installation of 60 kWp at NTPC Kaniha, it is expected to generate 1 lakh KW per hour per year electricity thereby reducing around 95.28 MT CO2 per annum promoting green energy.

NTPC is targeting rooftops of all its building and power stations for solar installations. At present NTPC has installed capacity of 870 MW Solar PV at 11 locations including 260 MW at Bhadla in Rajasthan.

Senior officials including Shri A K Tripathy ,GM(O&M),Shri N Acharya ,GM(Maintenance)& Shri Ramesh Sinha ,GM(Operation) and other officials were present during the commissioning.