No Restriction on Colour or Religiouis Design or Inscriptions on The Scarf or Dress of Visitors coming to See Taj Mahal

New Delhi: A news item has been published and getting circulated that on the 19th April 2017, lady tourists were allowed entry into Taj Mahal only after making them remove the saffron scarves inscribed with Ram naam.

Government has received reports from the CISF and ASI in this connection. As per the reports, such an action had not been taken either by any CISF personnel or by any employee of the ASI. There is no such provision in the said rules nor has ASI issued any such circular nor any circular to this effect is in vogue. Commandant CISF, Taj Mahal unit has informed that from the security angle, cigarettes, lighters, chewing gums, chocolates etc. were got deposited in the cloak room but no scarf was sought to be removed. The CCTV footage related to this incident is in the custody of the CISF and it is evident from the CCTV footage that the lady tourist had been granted entry into the Taj complex while wearing the saffron scarf with Ram naam written on it.

Superintending Archaeologist, Agra has confirmed that the persons seemingly collecting the scarf from a lady tourist are neither any employee of ASI nor of CISF. Prima facie it appears that these persons could be guides or members of the group of the lady tourists. This angle is being enquired into separately. Local police has also been directed to enquire in to this aspect.

Archaeological Survey of India has not put any restriction on colour or religious design or inscriptions on the scarf or dress of the visitors coming to see the Taj Mahal.