NINL’s Turnaround Plan Gets Boost with Blast Furnace Capital Repair

Bhubaneswar: The landmark of the turnaround of the Kalinga Nagar-based Neelachal Ispat Nigam Limited (NINL) was achieved with the completion of the much-awaited category-1 extended capital repair of its 1.1 million ton Blast Furnace. Subsequently, NINL resumed hot metal production after the capital repair.
The capacity utilization of the blast furnace will be 100% and will produce around 3500 ton hot metal per day, whereas earlier, production could reach much below its capacity up to 50-55% only. Subsequently, company has immediate plans to restart the Steel Melting Shop (SMS) to produce steel billets also. “Along with the production of Pig Iron, with the improved hot metal production, NINL plans to resume steel billet production after restarting the steel melting shop in full capacity which will impact the company’s bottom line”, said Shri S.S. Mohanty, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, NINL.
“With the restarting of SMS, NINL will get further boost to its turnaround plan when the captive mines of the company at Koira gets operational this year,” Shri Mohanty further added.