“Nidravathvam”, a magnetic one-woman act performance left the audience spellbound on the fifth night of the Odisha Biennale at Kalabhoomi

Bhubaneswar: “Nidravathvam”, a magnetic one-woman act performed by the Adishakti Laboratory for Theatre Art Research left the audience spellbound on the fifth night of the Odisha Biennale at Kalabhoomi, Odisha Arts and Craft Museum. The piece revolved around Kumbhakarna and Laxmana, and how both were connected by boons that dramatically alter their cycles of sleep and wakefulness. Performer, Nimmy Raphel, seamlessly transitioned between the roles of Kumhakarna, Laxmana and narrator leaving the full house of attendees spellbound despite the chilly weather.
The Adishakti Laboratory for Theatre Art Research is a contemporary theatre research and repertory company based near Pondicherry, India. The company was founded by Veenapani Chawla, and has been a part of the development of many celebrated performers, such as Naseeruddin Shah.
Earlier in the day, an Editorial Design workshop took place, conducted by Nanako Koyama and Rie Goto from Japan. It was attended by the artists of Brazil, Japan, Sweden and India along with local participants from Bhubaneswar. It was followed by a Bamboo Quilling workshop conducted by Mr. Antik Mallik and Mr. Shashank Gautam, alumni of IIT Bombay. During the workshop, participants are taught how to make items from bamboo strips. The workshop is open to all participants and the final instalment will be conducted on today (December 28th ) at 10am at Kala Bhoomi.
Odisha Biennale will be continuing until Tuesday, December 31st, with daily workshops and performances at Kala Bhoomi. Today’s events include performance artist “Lost Alien” (Osamu Adachi from Japan) who will be at Market Building (Unit-2) to spread his message “You are not alone”. At 7pm in the evening, Japanese contemporary dance duo, Vonnos, will be performing their piece, “Vacant Seat”. Contemporary Carnatic musician, Mahesh Vinayakram, will be conducting an encore performance in Sunday evening (December 29th). Entrance is free for all evening performances and the entire schedule of events is available on the Odisha Beinnale website (https://www.odishabiennale.com/), and their Facebook page.

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