Netaji’s 125th Birth Anniversary celebrated by IIMC Dhenkanal and Sambad Sahitya Ghar

“Bose was a great leader as well as a brilliant communicator.”

Dhenkanal: “Freedom is not gained, but conquered. Blood is the highest price one might pay for freedom.  So, war alone will bring us freedom. With this in mind, Netaji gave our independence struggle a new spin. For me, Netaji is a consciousness, not merely a maverick or a revolutionary. I believe, through the history that resides within us, his consciousness will remain eternal.”  This was stated by Shantanu Sar, former President of Angul Government College and President of Sambad Sahitya Ghar, at the ‘Netaji Chintan’ event jointly hosted by the Dhenkanal-based Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) and Angul ‘Sambad Sahitya Ghar’. To commemorate Netaji’s 125th birthday, the event was conducted virtually on Sunday evening. The distinguished speakers at the event shed light on Netaji’s unique vision and contribution to India’s liberation movement. On this occasion, Dr. Mrinal Chatterjee, Regional Director of IIMC Dhenkanal Campus, unveiled his book “Window Seat.”

Prof. Mrinal Chatterjee considers Bose a great communicator. “Subhash understood the value of regional languages in communicating successfully with his fellow countrymen. His goal was to reach out and inspire everyone, instilling a brave and widespread spirit of patriotism. He was a co-founder of Azad Hind Radio, a station that transmitted news in a variety of Indian languages. He even made a Hindustani translation of the national song. He utilized the newspaper ‘Forward Bloc’ to make his cause public, and published ‘Swaraj’ magazine, to convey his ideas to the shackled masses,” said Prof. Chatterjee.

Professor of History, Dr. Rama Gadanayak, underscored Subhash’s participation in the liberation movement. “Bose disagreed with Gandhi’s ideology, but both had the same goal, just the path was different. For independence, Netaji formed an armed force for independence and fought with the support of various countries. The significance of Netaji in the history of India’s independence struggle is abundantly demonstrated,” said Dr. Gadanayak.

Bhavana Acharya, Assistant Professor at IIMC Dhenkanal, moderated the event. The video and audio features produced by the students of IIMC about Netaji’s life and legacy were presented during the course of the program. Mr. Sanata Nayak delivered the vote of thanks on behalf of Sambad Sahitya Ghar. IIMC students and members of Sambad Sahitya Ghar presented self-composed poems about Netaji and nationalism in the second half of the event. IIMC students Amrita Sinha and Krushnakeshi Baliarsingh moderated the first half of the poetry recitation segment, while Sahitya Ghar members Bismita Sahu and Gayatri Das anchored the second half. Students, teachers, and staff from IIMC Aizawl, Kottayam, and Dhenkanal campus, as well as members of Sambad Sahitya Ghar, attended the event.

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