NDDB to donate 5 lakh flavoured milk tetra-packs for Anganwadi children in cyclone-affected districts of Odisha

Bhubaneshwar: The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) is committed to work with Govt of Odisha and OMFED to provide relief to the state’s cyclone affected people and help them rebuild their lives.
Shri Dilip Rath, Chairman, NDDB conveyed that NDDB will donate about 5 lakh tetra-packs of 200 ml flavoured milk to the children at Anganwadis in Puri which is one of the worst effected district of Odisha within next 2 weeks. NDDB officials are working in close coordination with OMFED, Puri milk union, Women and Child Development Department of Govt. of Odhisa and District Collector of Puri.
Considering the magnitude of the calamity, all NDDB employees have voluntarily donated a token amount from their salaries for the Fani affected people of Odisha.
NDDB has taken up innovative strategies to safeguard interest of Odisha’s rural producers and continued to provide support and guidance to OMFED.OMFED’s milk procurement, which averaged around 106.6 TKgPD in 2002-03 has increased4 times to around 491.8 TKPD in 2018-19. OMFED has made a profit of around Rs. 16 Crore in FY 2017-18, which was the highest in last 10 years.
Keeping in view increase in demand for value added dairy products, NDDB’s wholly owned subsidiary IDMC Ltd. recently commissioned 2 ice cream plants each of 3000 LPD (Litre per day) at Sambalpur Dairy and Bhawani Patna Dairy. Currently, NDDB is executing a state of the art 5 Lakh LPD automated milk processing dairy plant with an outlay of Rs. 242 Crore for processing of liquid milk & packing, UHT and milk powder plant, butter making & packing, fermented products like butter Milk /Lassi, flavoured milk preparation & packing, ghee making & packing, paneer making & packing at AriloGovindpur, Cuttack. Further, NDDB has built a Cattle Feed Plant with an installed capacity of 150 MT/ Day on behalf of OMFED at Jagannathpur of Balianta Block in Khordha District.
The Dairy Board has sanctioned a loan amounting to Rs. 40.85 lakhs in March 2019 to Greater GanjamGajapati Milk Union for purchase of 5 number Milk ATMs, Pasteuriser & Homogeniser. This will help stimulate the marketing of the Milk Union. Eastern India’s first milk ATM will be set up at Berhampur, Ganjam with the support of NDDB and Tata Trust. NDDB has also approved a grant of Rs. 8 lakhs to OMFED for milk fortification in order to address the issue of micronutrient deficiencies. It is targeted to fortify 800 lakh litres of milk and OMFED has fortified around 511 lakh litres of milk till January 2019.

Under National Dairy Plan-I, NDDB has implemented 22 sub-projects through 8 milk unions affiliated with OMFED with a grant assistance of Rs. 26.49 Crore under various projects viz. Ration Balancing Programme, Fodder Development Programme and Village Based Milk Procurement System benefiting around 93,000 farmers in the state. NDDB rolled out Automatic Milk Collection System (AMCS) in the 840 DCSs provided with AMCUs under NDP-I to ensure transparency in the milk collection and payment. It is planned to cover all dairy cooperatives having AMCUs/ DPMCUs across the state. About 19,000 personnel from the state were trained in capacity building initiatives under NDP-I.

In 2017, NDDB created International Centre for Foot & Mouth Disease (ICFMD), Bhubaneswar, a prestigious R&D facility of ICAR with BSL3+ laboratory & animal experiment facility for conducting biomedical research in the area of Foot and Mouth Disease with a mandate of active epidemiological surveillance through regular monitoring of antigenicity and genomic make-up of the FMD virus strains responsible for disease outbreaks. The facility will also provide training in diagnosis and epidemiology.

In order to capture all information related to breeding, NDDB is facilitating implementation of INAPH by OLRDS (Odisha Livestock Recourse Development Society) and other agencies viz, JK Trust, BAIF and Milk Unions. Presently 2477 villages across 21 districts have been covered under INAPH.
NDDB has conducted operational and financial sustainability studies in two Milk Unions, viz. Puri&Balasore. Further, a Manpower Study for OMFED & its affiliated Milk Unions & Dairies was done in 2016.
NDDB’s wholly owned subsidiary – Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Limited (MDFVPL) under the brand “Safal” has been making efforts to provide a regular and remunerative market to the fruits and vegetables growers of Odisha through its retail operations. Through its “Farmer Connect” programme, around 1485 farmers in 8 districts (Mayurbhanj, Dhenkenal, Nayagarh, Cuttack, Sambalpur, Jajpur, Deogarh, Khorda&Rayagada) are associated through 6 Farmer Producers Company (FPC)/Farmer Producers Group (FPG). It is proposed to enhance the outreach of Safal from 1485 farmers to 4515 farmers during this year. Safal has sourced 272 MT of Odisha mangoes directly from 690 farmer members of the Baskitala Producer Company Mayurbhanj and Dhenkenal Producer Group for retailing in Delhi market. “Safal” also has 19 outlets in Bhubaneshwar and 6 in Sambalpur city.

NDDB undertook a demonstration of flexi bio-gas plant in the milksheds of Greater GanjamGajapati&Samaleswari Milk Unions. 115 such flexi bio-gas plants are proposed to be installed in the milksheds of Cuttack, Ganjam, Balasore&Samaleswari Milk Unions. Ethno-veterinary Medicine (EVM) is being propagated in Odisha helping farmers to manage many ailments at minimal costs. EVM booklets and posters have been prepared in Odiya and provided to OMFED and Samleshwari Milk Union.

NDDB’s wholly owned subsidiary – Indian Immunologicals Limited (IIL) has been a major supplier of various vaccines, dewormers /formulations and supplied more than 450 MT of Mineral mixture (Goumix-General) in customized packs to OMFED by creating awareness and demand at Dairy Cooperative Society (DCS) level in OMFED member Milk Unions. IIL plans to undertake various activities such as Video-On-Wheels (VOW) programme; Farmers’ Contact Programme (FCP); Continuous Medical Education (CME); Ration Balancing Programme (RBP); Mass Deworming Programme (MDP); Fertility Improvement Programme (FIP) with the help of Milk Unions/ Federation in the state.Presently, the Odisha State Government is providing subsidy to milk producers’ affiliated to OMFED @ Rs2/- per litre of liquid milk during the lean season (Sep – Mar) in order to support the dairy farmers.