Naxals torch vehicles engaged in road construction, demands a narrow road by Govt & opposes bauxite extraction from Cuttackdangar hillock

Report by Badal Tah; Rayagada: 15-20 armed Naxalites including two women thronged into Tikarpada village under Ambadola police station in Muniguda block during last Friday late night. After talking to the drivers of two JCBs and one road roller of a contractor named Karunakar Kansabehera of Ramnaguda, they torched these three vehicles and left the village with three leaflets signed by Basadhara-Ghumusar_Nagavali division of CPI(Maoist) wing.

They expressed their anguish over the construction of the 14 feet wide road leading from Jadalpur to Thuapadi via Tikrapada under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana(PMGSY). Though the contractor had already been warned to make the road only eight feet, they went on violating their order, alleged the ultra left activists. They are for an eight feet road but the government is constructing a fourteen feet one to extract bauxite ore from Cuttackdangar hill, which is not negotiable.

The Naxalites also did not approve that the local people not getting work order in the plea of not having proper GST, PAN, etc. They are charged with 20% PC. They have warned not to mine the said hill and stop PC. There is a reign of terror in the local area.