Naveen Jindal Flag-off “Jindal Vet Seva” Mobile Veterinary Ambulance for Animal Welfare

Angul – The Chairman of Jindal Steel and Power Mr. Naveen Jindal and Chairperson of JSP Foundation Smt. Shallu Jindal flagged off a specially designed Mobile Veterinary Ambulance for Animal Welfare in the Angul district. This initiative focuses on creating a stronger support system for veterinary care, supplementing the existing governmental initiatives. The Mobile Veterinary Ambulance is equipped with a team of a qualified veterinary doctor and para-veterinary professionals to ensure comprehensive medical assistance to the animals for ensuring their better quality of life.

Speaking on this occasion Mr. Naveen Jindal said “JSP Foundation, has taken a pioneering step in bolstering its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives by incorporating Animal & Husbandry care into its Action Plan. Since its inception, JSP Foundation has been dedicated to uplift the economic conditions of rural farming families while also fostering awareness and care for their domestic livestock resources. This new endeavour aims to support the livelihoods of Argo-based rural farmers who heavily depend on livestock, such as cattle, buffalo, goat, sheep, and poultry. This initiative will also result in production of quality animals through latest technology of Arificial Insemination like sex sorted seven and reduce the load of Stray Animals on the Roads”.


The range of services provided by “Jindal Vet Seva” includes routine health examinations, treatments, administration of necessary medications , artificial insemination, vaccination and control of stray animals through necessary animal population control measures within the framework of Govt Regulations .

This service will operate regularly in peripheral villages, and it will also respond promptly to emergency calls, ensuring that distressed animals receive immediate attention. Stray animals and pets alike will also get benefit from this initiative.

Speaking on this occasion Smt. Shallu Jindal said “Aligning with our Vedic philosophy we believe in Vasudheiva Kutumbakam. Therefore we orient our social responsibility to protect and nourish the entire bio diversity of which Trees and Animals are critical components.

Through our Jindal Vet Seva , Our team of veterinary professionals not only brings medical expertise but also a compassionate approach, ensuring the animals’ comfort and safety. We believe that every animal deserves timely and quality medical care, regardless of their circumstances. Our Mobile Veterinary Ambulance is a step towards making veterinary services more accessible and convenient for pet owners and animal lovers in our community.”

The event was attended by distinguished individuals, including Mr. Nirod Kumar Das, Chief District Veterinary Officer (CDVO) of Angul, and Mr. Pratap Kumar Pattanaik, Assistant District Veterinary Officer – Animal Welfare. Senior members of JSP’s leadership, such as Mr Ashish Pandey , Head Raw Material sourcing and Shri Prashant Kumar Hota, President and Group Head of CSR & Education, and others.