National Service Schemes: An Opportunity for Collage Students for Development of Personality

Koraput : State Resource Centre for Adult and Continuing Education (Agragamee), Rayagada in collaboration of NSS unit of different colleges of Rayagada and Koraput orgnaised series of training programme at collage level for the NSS volunteers to promote literacy through social services. Inagurating a training programme at Laxmipur College on 8th December, Mr. Jhinna Hikaka, Member of Parliament, Koraput call for the students to act as a bridge between illiterate and govt. schemes. He shared that due to illiteracy and also lack of knowledge in digital competency, no of problems arise for the illiterate. In the training programme, the concerned Principal of the collage, local academicians also take interest and participants in the programme and encourage the NSS volunteers to involve in literacy work when they gate leisure. Around 400 volunteers from six collages and NSS officers and collages participated in the events.
The subject of the training is on the Basic Literacy and Interpersonal Media Campaign. Training programme conducted during the month of December at Rayagada Collage,Rayagada, Bissam Cuttack collage, Bissam Cuttack, of Rayagada district and Laxmipur Collage, Laxmipur, Kundra Collage, Kundura, Baipariguda Collage, Baipariguda and Dasmantpur Collage, Dasmantpur of Koraput districts. The training programme was conducted at Collage level on which the NSS officers of the collage coordinate the programme. SRC, academic staffs trained to different activities like basic literacy, Literacy’s Definition, Interpersonal Media Campaign and Literacy, and different aspect of literacy, literacy in digital world. SRC,Rayagada also provide primer and other teaching learning materials to the participants.
National Service Schemes prime objectives of developing the personality and character of the students, youth through voluntary community service. Each volunteers is required to put in minimum 120 hours of service per ear for two years i.e. 240 hours. The work is undertaken in village /slums adapted by NSS unit in collage. Each NSS unit organice a special camp of 7 days, during in adopted village as urban slums during vocation, with some specific project by involvement of local communities. SRC,Rayagada take steps to train the youth on how to conduct literacy activities in their adapted area in priority basis through National Service Scheme.

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