National Education Policy is a reflection of people’s aspirations – Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah

New Delhi : Union Minister for Home and Cooperatives, Shri Amit Shah, said that the National Education Policy 2020 is the soul of India and a declaration of Bhartiyata. This policy is working to bring the best ideas on the ground in the field of education. It is a pragmatic policy to give priority to Indian arts and culture while increasing the power of the mind and respect for the native language and mother tongue. A time will come when people from all over the world will come in large numbers to study in Indian educational institutions.Indian educational institutions will be included among the best educational institutions in the world. The National Education Policy is a reflection of the aspirations of the citizens. This policy is also the foundation of future India. This policy should be studied seriously by all the people associated with the education sector. This will also give impetus to the implementation of the policy. Affordability, accessibility, quality, fairness, and accountability are the five key pillars of this policy.

Union Minister Shri Shah was addressing a seminar on the education policy of India on the birth centenary of Late KushabhauThackerayat the Mansarovar Assembly Hall of VidhanSabha today. Shri Shah described in detail the features of the New Education Policy in an ideological discourse of about one hour. He also appreciated the better implementation of this policy in Madhya Pradesh.

Union Home Minister Shri Shah said that Prime Minister Shri NarendraModi’snew education policy is designed to enhance the power of the mind of students and teachers through analysis, reasoning, memory, decision-making ability, implementation, and nimansa. Any kind of education can make a person successful, but to make him a big person, it will be necessary to increase the power of the mind.If any nation becomes great, then it is made not only by the rivers and mountains of that nation but by its great people. Our new education policy fulfills the purpose of building a great personality. Referring to Swami Vivekananda, he said that Swamiji had said that education should be such, that which enables one to face the struggles of life. If this capability is not there in education then that education is meaningless.

We should get meaningful education to connect with our culture and make us imbued with qualities like benevolence. The new National Education Policy is such a seed, which will be able to give shade to the world by becoming a banyan tree. Education in policy is the Triveni of science and culture. If we bring the knowledge of the universe along with our culture, then education will be meaningful. If the ability of analysis and the courage of a lion is built up in the children, then who would not want to receive such an education? This was not the policy in the past.This policy has been prepared on the basis of basic education.

Union Minister Shri Shah said that this is the first such education policy, which is in accordance with the thoughts of the Indian people. The main objective of the policy is to awaken the basic source of knowledge and science in children. Earlier there was a rote curriculum in education. The policy which has been implemented now provides opportunities for children to be nurtured by unleashing the God-given powers contained within them.If we look at this policy from a different point of view, then it is a policy to increase employment, provide a platform for expression, and use of technology and develop possibilities for research. This policy of propounding the importance of mother tongue and Indian languages ​​also serves to end the conspiracy of the British, in which they tried to create an inferiority complex among Indians on the basis of language. While Indian talents invented zero, we have also touched on the dimensions of science. They worked on the path of progress by going ahead of the thinking of languages.

Union Minister Shri Shah said that Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Chouhan deserves congratulations for the decision to make medical and other technical courses available in Hindi. Mother tongues ​​and regional languages ​​have gained importance after 75 years of independence. Surely we will produce capable citizens. By 2030, with emphasis on research and development, we will be on the path of progress and by 2040 we will be ahead of many nations.Shri Shah said that there will be a significant reduction in dropouts in the field of education by promoting technology and research. At present also the enrollment percentage has increased to 92 percent. If students drop out of school, most of them are unaware of the kind of life they will lead. It is the responsibility of the governments to maintain the interest of the students in the schools.He called for full cooperation by all the teachers and professors in this new education policy that touches every dimension of education. Union Minister Shri Shah said that various provisions made in the education policy at the primary level and at the secondary level have been mentioned. Referring to the features of the policy, he said that the National Education Policy 2020 is not just a book but a complete library.

Thackeray’s life is exemplary- Union Minister Shri Shah

Recalling Late Kushabhau Thackeray, Union Minister Shri Shah said that he himself also practiced the education he used to give to other people. The residents of Madhya Pradesh are fortunate that they got the guidance of such a great man in the state. If you want to know what kind of service a person should be of, one can look at the life of Kushabhau. His whole life was dedicated to the nation. He was also imprisoned for 19 months during the Emergency. He discharged many responsibilities from the local to national level. His life is a typical example from the point of view of working for the nation. The organization of this ideological seminar on the occasion of his birth centenary is commendable.

In his presidential address, Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that in Madhya Pradesh, various programs are being organized in the memory of Late Kubhabhau Thackeray. Not Thackeray ji’s speech, but his conduct spoke.Paying homage at the feet of Shri Thackeray, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that we all take the life of Thackeray ji as ideal and work to take the country forward. Today, on the occasion of this seminar on education policy, it would be pertinent to mention that arrangements have been made in Madhya Pradesh according to the three main objectives of education, knowledge, skill, and culture of citizenship for the students. Education should be multifaceted.Those who know music should also study mathematics and a student of commerce should also get knowledge of arts, it is necessary. Prime Minister Shri Modi has given importance to mother languages ​​in education policy. Giving importance to his thoughts and national language, starting from this academic session in Madhya Pradesh, medical courses in Hindi are being conducted at Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal. Simultaneously, Hindi courses are being started in engineering colleges and polytechnic colleges.Simultaneously, Hindi courses are being started in engineering colleges and polytechnic colleges. To impart technical skills to the youth, work is being done to train 10 thousand students every year through the initiative of Model ITI in 10 divisional headquarters and Global Skill Park in Bhopal. The Taskforce is working in the field of education.

By removing the shortcomings of the past decades, an environment is being created in the education sector which is essential to make the students self-dependent and help them live with self-respect. MukhyaMantriMedhaviVidyarthiProtsahanYojana will become a boon for poor families. School students of Madhya Pradesh will not become dropouts. Education that enhances self-employment opportunities is being provided.Starting the experiment of CM Rise Vidyalaya, 370 schools will work to collect students from 10 to 15 villages and bring them to the school by public transport. Apart from this, sports activities are also being promoted in Madhya Pradesh along with education.

At the outset, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan felicitated the Union Home Minister on behalf of the people of the state for the important decisions of national importance taken under the guidance of Prime Minister Shri Modi. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that Union Minister Shri Shah is doing unprecedented work for the integrity of MaaBharati.Member of Parliament Shri Vishnudutt Sharma said that Kushabhau Thackeray’s Birth Centenary Year Celebration Committee has organized many programs and worked to acquaint the common man with the philosophy of Thackeray.

State Home Minister Dr.Narottam Mishra, Urban Development and Housing Minister Shri Bhupendra Singh, Agriculture Minister Shri Kamal Patel, Higher Education Minister Shri Mohan Yadav, Culture Minister SushriUsha Thakur, Minister of State for School Education (Independent Charge) Shri Inder Singh Parmar, Sports and Youth Welfare Minister Smt. YashodharaRajeScindia along with Shri Hitanand Sharma, former MP Shri SatyanarayanJatia, Bhopal Mayor Smt. MaltiRai,Shri SumitPachauri, and heads of many educational institutions, Vice Chancellors of universities, educationists, researchers, and students were present.

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