Muslim community in Kendujhar celebrate Eid by Donating food to needy

Report by Malaya Mohapatra; Kendujhar: Some member of Muslim community in Kendujhar preferred to celebrate Eid by donating Food and water to needy migrants passing through the town and extend them a helping hand in all possible ways. Since they could not celebrate Eid festival due to lockdown and restrictions due to Covid-19, these philanthropic persons pooled together about 15 lacs rupees to use it for a social cause. We decided not to spend on new clothes, parties and other celebration for Eid this year but use this money for people in need during the pandemic. So we donated whatever possible to a common fund and started distributing food and water to migrant labourers passing through keonjhar and help them reach their destinations, said Md Waris. From the the day of Eid, they have been distributing fruits, biscuits,bread, water bottle to the migrants passing through NH49 near the Karanjia Bus stand. We wish to carryon this activity for a month as we find more and more of people are coming forward to support us in this social activity, Habibur Rehman added. Everyday hundreds of migrant laborers are seen passing through the town riding on top of loaded lorries, buses and even by foot to reach their homes. Many of them are found without money and food. The humanity shown by the minority community is appreciated by locals.