Mukundpur Tiger Safari is one of the picturesque places of Vindhya: MP Governor Patel

New Delhi : Governor Mangubhai Patel has said that Mukundpur Tiger Safari is one of the picturesque places of Vindhyas. The white tiger is the gift of Rewa to the world. Mukundpur Tiger Safari fully brings to life this historic achievement.

Governor Shri Mangubhai Patel said this during his visit to Maharaja Martand Singh Judeo White Tiger Safari Mukundpur of Rewa district. The Governor first saw the Royal Bengal Tiger. Later he observed white tigers. Governor Shri Patel observed the tiger safari bears, chital, sambar and other wild animals. He also went to Tiger Safari and saw white tigers living in the open.

During the visit, former minister and MLA Rewa Shri Rajendra Shukla informed the Governor about the efforts to establish Mukundpur White Tiger Safari and the history of white tigers. Director of Tiger Safari, Shri Sanjay Raikhere gave detailed information about the facilities and wildlife, available in Tiger Safari.

Governor Shri Patel visits solar power plant and tunnel under construction

Governor Shri Mangubhai Patel visited the Solar Power Plant located at Badwar. Information related to the establishment and development of Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Power Plant was presented by the officials in the auditorium of the plant. It was told that 750 MW of electricity is produced from the solar power plant out of which 78 percent power is being given to the state of Madhya Pradesh and 22 percent to Delhi Metro. Its total cost is Rs 4500 crore. This plant is established in an area of ​​1672 hectares. This will give Madhya Pradesh a net profit of Rs 2026 crore in 25 years. Units of three private companies are set up to generate electricity in the Solar Power Plant.

Governor Shri Patel had a view of the solar plant from View Point. He described the establishment of solar power plant as a great achievement. The Governor also inquired about the labourers working in the Solar Power Plant. After this, the Governor inspected the tunnel under construction on the Rewa-Sidhi road. The construction work of the tunnel is in the final stages. With the completion of its construction, the movement between Rewa-Sidhi will become smooth and time and fuel will be saved. Collector Dr. Ilaiyaraja T, Superintendent of Police Shri Navneet Bhasin, CEO of Energy Development Corporation and officers of Solar Power Plant were present during the visit.

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