MS Dhoni promotes Orient Electric’s and India’s first modular outdoor air cooler

New Delhi: While being a very effective and economical home cooling solution, the current breed of outdoor air coolers are generally clunky, roaring monsters and take lot of space for storage when not in use. Identifying the consumers’ true need gap, Orient Electric has come up with a breakthrough innovation with India’s first rust proof – metal bodied, modular outdoor air cooler, Orient Desertstorm.

To establish its modular advantage, the brand challenged its long-standing brand ambassador MS Dhoni to assemble the Desertstorm air cooler in 3 minutes. Interestingly, he not only enjoyed the challenge, but also completed it in 90 seconds. In the video, Captain Cool challenges the audience participate in the contest to beat his time and get a chance to meet him. The video has so far garnered close to 1.3 million impressions and 260K views.

Orient Desertstorm can be assembled and dissembled in a jiffy and can be easily transported in the car boot and can be stacked and stored when not in use. It is also the first ever branded metal cooler that takes evaporative cooling to a whole new level, thanks to its fan blades with AeroFan technology that ensure longest air delivery with low operating noise, Honeycomb cooling pads with DenseNest feature for 25% more cooling, and advanced water distribution system.

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