MP: AYUSH Department issues orders for the posting of 343 CHOs

New Delhi : The AYUSH Department has issued orders for the posting of 343 AYUSH CHOs in the vacant posts of Health and Wellness Centres in the state. Approval has been given to set up 562 Ayush health and wellness centres in the state under the National AYUSH Mission. Posting orders have also been issued on the departmental website of the AYUSH department and on the portal of MP Online.

Under the Department of AYUSH, Ayush Health and Wellness Centres are being established by upgrading selected Ayush dispensaries identified out of 1773 Ayush dispensaries. Herbal gardens are also being set up in the Ayush Health and Wellness Centres to acquaint the general public with the properties of medicinal plants. Along with this, the centres also have arrangements to conduct yoga for the public by the instructors. The purpose of setting up the Health and Wellness Centres is also to reduce the patient load in the hospitals by providing different modes of AYUSH system of medicine at one place.

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