More than 8 thousand people safely evacuated in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal: Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan informed that a total of 1225 villages of Shivpuri, Sheopur, Datia, Gwalior, Guna, Bhind and Morena districts are affected by heavy rains and floods in the state. So far 1500 people have been evacuated safely from 32 villages of Sheopur district. Similarly, SDERF, NDERF, Army and BSF together have succeeded in evacuating 2000 people from 90 villages of Shivpuri and 5950 from 90 villages of Datia, Gwalior, Morena, Bhind. According to the information so far, efforts are on to evacuate 1950 people. Air Force helicopters were facing difficulty in rescue work yesterday due to bad weather. Today again the helicopters resumed the rescue operations. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan was interacting with media representatives at Smart Park regarding the situation of excessive rainfall and floods in Gwalior-Chambal division of the state.

Communication system stalled in Sheopur district

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that about 800 mm of rain has been received in Shivpuri and Sheopur till yesterday. This is an unprecedented situation. The communication system has come to a complete standstill in Sheopur district. Efforts are being made to restore the arrangements by talking to the Ministry of Telecommunications. Rail service between Guna-Shivpuri is closed. There has been a lot of damage to the infrastructure, but it is a matter of relief that the rescue work is going on continuously. We have been successful in saving the lives of the affected.

NDERF, SDERF and Army active with district administration

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that 3 teams of NDERF were already engaged in rescue work, two more teams are coming. Four columns of Army and more than 70 teams of SDERF are engaged in rescue work along with district administration. So far, four helicopters of the Air Force are engaged in rescue work in Gwalior and one in Shivpuri.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan gave district wise information

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that now due to less rainfall, the water level of Parvati river has started receding. In Gwalior 46 villages are affected, 17 rescue sites have been set up and 3,000 people have been shifted to relief camps. The army has reached Datia. 36 villages of the district are affected, 18 rescue sites have been set up, about 1100 people have been rescued. Here the priest trapped in the temple has been saved by sending motor boats. All main roads are closed. NH-3 has also been closed for security reasons. Ratangarh bridge has been damaged. 22 villages have been affected in Shivpuri. Rescue work is going on, 801 people have been evacuated safely. The villages of Jwalapur, Kherawat, Mewara and Jatkheda in Sheopur were completely surrounded by water. Here the water level is decreasing. The army is trying to reach the villages. Due to high water and damaged bridges, the army has to move ahead by making its way. But people are safe. The water level is decreasing. Life of no person is not in danger.

Vigilance is necessary in Bhind and Morena due to increase in water in Chambal river

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan informed that the water in Chambal river is continuously increasing. Water released from Kota barrage will also increase the water level. This is a matter of concern for Bhind and Morena districts. The work of evacuating the villages settled in the low-lying areas of these districts is going on continuously. 800 people have been shifted to safer places in Bhind. Villages are being evacuated in Morena as a precaution. Efforts are being made to take people to safe places. The water in Sindh river is also increasing continuously.

Work continues for relief camp and food arrangements

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that camps and food arrangements are being made for relief. I am in constant touch with the central government. There was a discussion on the phone with Prime Minister Shri Modi even today. He has been apprised of the situation. Discussions have also taken place with Home Minister Shri Amit Shah. With the help of the Centre, arrangements have been made to airlift the people. It was only due to the cooperation of Prime Minister Shri Modi that it was possible to call the army immediately. All possible rescue and relief efforts are on.

Everyone will be safely evacuated

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that I am sure that we will rescue all the people and the work of making relief and arrangements will continue. Better operation of public service works will be ensured.

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