More #lockdown relaxations for Agriculture-Farming sector

vegetable garden

New Delhi: The Union Government has granted a slew of exemptions and relaxations for Agriculture and Allied sectors with respect to the 21-day lockdown over the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak so as to ensure that the farmers do not suffer from any adverse fall out. In this regard, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs has issued the 4th Addendum to its notification invoking the Disaster Management Act.

As per the Addendum, shops of Agricultural machinery, its spare parts (including its supply chain) & repairs and shops for truck repairs on highways, preferably at fuel pumps, can remain open in order to facilitate transportation of farm produce. Besides, tea industry, including plantations can function with maximum of 50% workers.

The Home Ministry has underlined that the head of the organization/establishment will ensure the practice of social distancing norms and proper hygiene. The District authorities have been directed to ensure strict enforcement of the orders.