Mo College Abhijan Signs MOU with FICCI FLO Bhubaneswar to offer Internship program to students


Bhubaneswar : Mo College Abhijan has signed an MOU with Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI FLO) to offer On-Job Training Program/ Internship program to students of various College and Universities for the training and better employment to the students under Mo College Abhijan. The MOU was signed on 13th April in presence of Mo College Abhijan Chairperson Shri Akash Das Nayak and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry Ladies Organisation (FICCI FLO) Bhubaneswar Chapter Chairperson Poonam Mohapatra.

The other esteemed personnels are Shri Amiya Kumar Rout CEO Mo College Abhijan and Aditya Choudhury of Mo College, while from Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry Ladies wing (FICCI FLO) people who were present were the Initiative Head for Education & Skilling, Ms. Lipsa Hans, Initiative Head of MSME, Shri Suman Jena and the Immediate past Chair, Ms Namrita Chahal.

The key motto of the Mou is to offer around 200+ Students the opportunity under the On-job Program/ Internship program in 2 phases (Summer and Winter internships) which includes fields like –Retail, Fashion, Steel & Mines, IT & IT Services, Account & Finance, Beauty & Wellness, Digital Marketing,Online Sales, Food Processing , Energy, Marketing,Hotel, Resort, Home Baker, Health Care, School, College, University, Coaching Institute and Agriculture. The On-job Program/Internship Period will be provided to the students for a period of 45 days, 60 days, 90 days or 180 days and the duration is in the discretion of the recruiters and is dependent on the educational trade of students and the nature of the training. On completion of the training, students will receive a certificate for the same from the employers which will help them for future employability. The 1st Phase of Internship programs are open for all government college students from Khordha and Cuttack districts under MO College Abhijan. Students can apply for the same through the link

During the event Mo College Chairperson Shri Akash Dasnayak said,“MoCollege Abhijan plays the role of a mentor in the lives of students. Under this the ‘Mo College’ Team will provide guidance, and support to FICCI FLO Team while FICCI FLO will provide On-job Training Program/ Internship program phase wise, to the selected list of the up to 200+ students as provided by the MO College Team. In fact Mo College Abhijan is a unique initiative that provides a philanthropic platform for Alumni to contribute financially and intellectually to catalyse a healthy, inclusive, and creative environment to equip students for a successful career. It aims to design emotionally invested platforms thus connecting the rich Odia Alumni Diaspora in the world & create building blocks for development. Currently, Mo College stands strong as a society of more than 800 colleges/universities connected with.”

FLO Bhubaneswar Chairperson Poonam Mohapatra said “This is a Unique opportunity for the students as well as the recruiters where this program is beneficial to both. We at FLO aim to provide better employability to students and through this program we also aim to impart Cyber Security awareness and health & wellness programs for the students for their Holistic development ”. It may also be noted that Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry Ladies Organisation (FICCI FLO) is the women’s wing having over 40 years of experience in promoting entrepreneurship and professional excellence among women through workshops, seminars, conferences, training and capacity building programmers etc. FICCI Flo work with women at 3 levels to promote more women in leadership and board positions, help women set up their own business and skill development, entrepreneurship and to make women more employable.

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