Ministry of Tourism receives more then 500 queries/requests for help in two days from foreign tourists on ‘Stranded in India’ portal

New Delhi: The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India launched the ‘Stranded in India’ portal on 31st March, 2020 for international tourists. In its first two days itself it has received more than 500 queries/ requests for help. The ministry is coordinating assistance to tourists with joint effort and support of the Ministry of External Affairs and state officials to address these queries. The Ministry has also been coordinating with the respective embassies regarding problems faced by the guests.

The majority of the requests received from foreign tourists are seeking information for traveling back to their home countries and also looking at extension of the visas to stay in India while they cannot travel back.

The other issue being faced by tourists traveling within India is to reach metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai from where flights can be taken out of India once lockdown lifts.

Ministry of Tourism is working actively with the state officials to provide a solution for the same. Emergency requests like need for food, medicine and care for elderly tourists is being expedited.

The Hotels and Restaurant Division of the Ministry has been in constant touch with several hotels, which are accommodating guests during the lock down and coordinating with the respective embassies regarding problems faced by the guests, if any. Hotels are being requested to follow the protocol and extend their support till the departure of such guests are arranged by the embassies.

Ministry of Tourism has setup a task force comprised of its officials, both at the Central level and regional level and representatives of the State tourism departments to address the issues being brought forward in real time. The Coordination group is working through whats app and emails and telephones to ensure smooth information flow and speedy redressal of issues.

The Ministry has the existing 24×7 telephone Helpline 1363 which is also ensuring correct and updated information to tourists.

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