Ministry of Textiles has launched a Campaign #Local4Diwali

New Delhi: Handicrafts is a symbol of India’s glorious cultural heritage and an important source of livelihood in the country. This sector is key to women’s empowerment as over 55% of all handicrafts artisans and allied workers are women.

The Prime Minister has urged that it should be our endeavour to use Indian handicrafts, and also communicate to more and more people about them.

Minister of Textiles in an appeal to all has stated:

“Inspired by the clarion call given by the Prime Minister on 9th of November, let’s come together to show our support for local textile and handicraft business. Be it the humble earthen Diya, the desi drape, home furnishings like bed sheets, curtains or handcrafted goods that you gift your near and dear ones; this Diwali make every purchase count. To encourage Diwali sales through weavers, artisans, local and small businesses please show your on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and use the hashtag #Local4Diwali. Take a picture of your favourite article – be it clothing or a handicraft product you would like to gift or use at home for Diwali, tag the person you purchase it from and go #Local4Diwali. Let the trend help support sales in these challenging times; your support will help resurrect many an opportunities for those in need.”


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