Ministry of Labour and Employment : eShram Portal with more than 28.5 crore registered workers integrated with NCS Portal, UMANG Mobile Application, PM-SYM and DigiLocker

New Delhi : Major Achievements and Initiatives undertaken by Ministry of Labour & Employment during the Year – 2022:

  1. eShram
  • eShram Portal was launched on 26th August 2021 and within a short span of approximately 16 months only more than 28.50 crore workers have been registered.
  • eShram allows registration in 400 different occupations under 30 broad occupation sectors.
  • eShram is accessible through multiple channels like Common Service Centre (CSC), State Seva Kendra (SSK), Mobile Application (UMANG) and Web Application.
  • Module for registration of platform workers on eShram portal has also been made live on 9th September 2022.
  • A full-fledged Call Centre for eShram has been established. The Call Centre is operational 365 days a year and provides support in 8 regional languages in addition to Hindi & English.
  • A comprehensive grievance handling mechanism is in place which is available 365 days a year.
  • A comprehensive Dashboard has been made available to provide statistical information on unorganised workers’ registration on eShram.
  • An analytics Dashboard is also under development. This will be helpful for getting meaningful insights, trends and assist in policy making.
  • Data sharing guidelines to share eShram data with States and UTs have been formulated. Pilot integration with Haryana State is completed and integration with other States has been initiated.
  • Similarly, SOP/ guidelines to share eShram data with Central Ministries is under discussion.
  • A mobile application for verification of eShram data is under discussion.
  • A common model portal/ data sharing portal for States/ UTs for implementation of welfare schemes for unorganised workers is also under discussion.

(i) Linking of eShram with other portals

  • eShram has been integrated with NCS Portal for providing job opportunities to unorganised workers.
  • eShram has been integrated with UMANG Mobile Application. It is now available through UMANG Mobile App for facilitating ease of registration and updation to workers.
  • eShram has been integrated with Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan-Dhan (PM-SYM), which is a pension scheme administered by MoLE. Any worker registered on eShram can seamlessly register on PM-SYM using UAN
  • eShram has also been integrated with DigiLocker for easy and secure download of eShram Card by workers.
  • eShram is being integrated with Skill India Portal which will enable workers to avail various skilling programs as per their requirement and occupation.
  • Integration with EPFO is also underway – This shall enable auto update/ flagging of the exact status of the worker as organised/ unorganised. This shall also help in deduplication of eShram database and ensure various central and state government DBT/ benefit dissemination to eligible and appropriate user groups.
  • Integration with DFPD (Department of Food and Public Distribution) is also planned. This will enable identification of seasonal, short-term and long-term migration patterns based on analysis of home state and sale state portability transactions in ONORC, which shall provide MoLE an important input for policy formulation.

(ii) Awards

eShram is a prestigious project for the Ministry of Labour & Employment.  eShram has won the “Gold Award” under “Public Digital Platforms – Central Ministries, Departments” category in Digital India Award-2022. President of India will be gracing the Award Ceremony and conferring the award to eShram team on 7th January 2023.


(iii) Data of Registration

State Wise Registrations of Unorganized Workers on eShram Portal till 28th December 2022.

SN State Total Registrations
1 UTTAR PRADESH 8,29,86,177
2 BIHAR 2,85,29,255
3 WEST BENGAL 2,57,36,690
4 MADHYA PRADESH 1,68,19,135
5 MAHARASHTRA 1,33,78,331
6 ODISHA 1,33,19,088
7 RAJASTHAN 1,27,44,236
8 JHARKHAND 91,18,026
9 GUJARAT 91,03,657
10 TAMIL NADU 83,05,074
11 CHHATTISGARH 82,40,953
12 ANDHRA PRADESH 78,72,913
13 KARNATAKA 73,04,135
14 ASSAM 68,87,931
15 KERALA 59,02,079
16 PUNJAB 54,93,483
17 HARYANA 52,43,117
18 TELANGANA 40,23,415
19 JAMMU AND KASHMIR 33,53,891
20 DELHI 32,47,916
21 UTTARAKHAND 29,70,380
23 TRIPURA 8,43,199
24 MANIPUR 4,04,035
25 MEGHALAYA 2,83,250
26 NAGALAND 2,18,401
27 PUDUCHERRY 1,76,235
28 CHANDIGARH 1,73,901
31 MIZORAM 58,083
32 GOA 51,379
34 LADAKH 28,355
35 SIKKIM 23,072


2.Two-Day National Labour Conference of Labour Ministers and Labour Secretaries Of States/UTs at Tirupati.

Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India, organised a two-day National Labour Conference of Labour Ministers and Labour Secretaries of States/UTs at Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh on 25th-26th August, 2022. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi virtually addressed the inaugural session on 25.8.2022. Union Ministers Shri Bhupender Yadav and Shri Rameshwar Teli, Administrator, UT of Chandigarh, Labour Ministers of States, Labour Secretaries of States/UTs and Government Officials were among those present on the occasion. In his address, Prime Minister, inter alia, mentioned that India’s labour force has a huge role to play in realizing India’s dreams and aspirations to build a developed nation in the Amrit Kaal.

The first thematic session, viz, integrating e-Shram portal for onboarding social security schemes run by Central Government & State Governments to universalize social protection to workers and to improve employment opportunities for all, was deliberated upon. The second thematic discussed was Swasthya se Samriddhi for improving medical care and services through ESI hospitals run by State Governments and integration with PMJAY. third thematic session was on framing of rules under four Labour Codes and modalities for implementation along with development of Portals for licensing, registration, returns, inspections etc. The last theme “Vision Shramev Jayate @ 2047” focused on just and equitable future of work, social protection to gig & platform workers, gender equality at work and better opportunities to women.

3. World of Work Summit

The World of Work (WOW) Summit was held during the 110th session of the International Labour Conference in Geneva from 29 May to 11 June 2022, to discuss the urgent action that can be taken by the ILO and its Member States to tackle the labour and social consequences of the multiple crises in the world through human-centred approaches for peace, resilience, and inclusive development, with a particular focus on the most vulnerable. The Minister of Labour & Employment attended the World of Work Summit and participated in a High-level panel discussion on tackling multiple global crises, promoting human-centred recovery and resilience.

  • In the discussion, the Union Minister elucidated India’s approach by outlining some examples of actions by the Indian Government which had been taken to ensure a human-centred recovery from the pandemic.
  • He stressed the importance of having access to good data on informal sector workers and noted India’s creation of a digital platform on which 280 million informal workers and their 400 occupations were registered. Due to digitalization, gig workers were emerging as a new type of workforce. He further explained the importance of having a legal definition for this category of worker. The Minister of Labour & Employment noted India’s new Labour Code also aimed to provide informal sector workers with adequate social protection.
  • The Minister of Labour & Employment further stressed the importance of mobility and migration and how technology could be used for this category of worker. He gave the example of India increasing its efforts to understand better the reasons for migration through a migrant labour survey, which would help in designing an appropriate action plan. He provided another example of how informal sector workers (street vendors, rickshaw pullers etc.) access universal social security schemes, including pensions, such as the Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana scheme.
  • He also pointed out that current global demographic changes reinforced the importance of ensuring adequate mobility of workers and establishing the conditions necessary for successful labour migration.
  • On the issue of formal sector access and livelihoods the Hon’ble Minister outlined three stages – or priorities – for refugees or workers with precarious backgrounds:
    • dignity,
    • decent jobs, and
    • technological skills.
  • He emphasized that developing countries need consistent financial assistance and technology transfer as well as strengthened legal frameworks. He drew attention to the impact of climate change on the future of migrant labour in vulnerable countries as it would profoundly affect working conditions.


4. India’s G20 Presidency


As part of the Sherpa Track of the G20, the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India is organizing 04 Employment Working Group (EWG) meetings, which will culminate in the Labour and Employment Ministers’ meeting. In order to further the multi-year agenda of the G20 Employment Working Group, the following priority areas and deliverables have been identified for its consideration:

  1. Addressing Global Skill Gaps: –
  • International skill gap mapping portal to assess current and future skill needs: handing over to ILO as a ‘global good’ by India
  • Unified framework for skills & qualifications harmonization focusing on common skill taxonomies- G20 will resolve for ILO to ensure in 5 years
  1. Gig & Platform Economy and Social Protection: –
  • Extending social protection coverage to workers in platform & gig economies
  • Enhancing national statistical capacities & methodological approaches to capture new forms of work including gig and platform work
  1. Sustainable Financing of Social Security: –
  • Policy options, including social insurance schemes & tax-financed schemes to ensure sustainable financing of social security
  • International development assistance and mechanisms to support social security systems in member countries

As per the G20 convention, the Presidency, and a few selected International Organizations, Member Countries and Invited Countries will be presenting their ideas and experiences on the aforementioned priority areas during the EWG meeting.


5. Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO)


i. e-Nominations under Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM). As a part of celebration of Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav , EPFO has started a drive to encourage members to file e-Nomination, as it will give members and their family members, a new level of Independence while availing EPFO services. It shall reduce the hardship upon the dependent family members of the deceased members / pensioners, as they will no longer have to produce legal heir-ship/succession certificates or other proofs to get the pension or assurance benefits. In January, 2022, a record high 16.58 Lakh e-nominations were made out of 1.64 Crore e-nominations till 30.11.2022.

ii. Joint Dialogue on Social Security Agreement with UK. The second virtual meeting of the Joint Dialogue on Social Security Agreement between India and the UK was held on January,19, 2022. From the Indian side officials from EPFO, MoL&E, MEA and Ministry of Commerce participated.

iii. Iconic Week of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM). On the International Women’s Day, coinciding with the iconic week of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, EPFO ran a series of women-friendly measures:

  1. Targeted the processing of all women claims as of 05th March, 2022. This initiative settled 1,44,069 women claims for total amount of about Rs. 638 Crore in a week long exercise.
  2. Started first of its kind “Women Empowerment Desks” to cater to women stakeholders for one-stop service delivery at Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai.
  3. The special week-long drive was also attempted to accelerate the e- nominations of women members joining hands with the establishments and proactively reaching out to them through special camps by the field offices of EPFO. Responding to the call 10,415 establishments reported 10% e-nominations of their female workforce. In total 07 Lakh e- nominations were filed by women members, from just the top 100 establishments in the country.


iv. Chintan Shivir. A Chintan Shivir themed ‘[email protected] Kal- Behtar Kal’ to envision next five years of [email protected] was organized on 08th September 2022 at Surajkund, Haryana. It was chaired by Sh. Bhupinder Yadav, Union Minister for Labour & Employment, Environment, Forest & Climate Change. Sh. Rameshwar Teli, Minister of State for Labour & Employment, Petroleum and Natural Gas and the Secretary (L&E) were guests of Honour. It was attended by domain, experts, officers of Ministry of Labour & Employment and EPFO.


v. EPFO’s Foundation Day. Sh. Bhupender Yadav, Union Minister for Labour & Employment, inaugurated the 70th Foundation Day of EPFO held on 01.11.2022 at Dr. Ambedkar International Centre, New Delhi. Shri Rameswar Teli, Minister of State for Labour & Employment and Secretary (Labour & Employment) were also present on this occasion. On this occasion, the Union Minister inaugurated an exhibition named “[email protected] The journey”, displaying the 70 years of EPFO history. A documentary film on the 70 years of existence of the Organization titled [email protected] was also played highlighting the Organization’s achievements over the decades. A special cover commemorating 70 years of Organization was released by the Union Minister in collaboration with the Department of Post. A document EPFO [email protected] organized to layout the roadmap for EPFO for the next 25 years, was also launched.


Marking this event, a welcome kit was launched which included guidelines and suggestions for extending the benefits to the stakeholders. This kit was also released in 21 Vernacular Languages apart from Hindi and English for the benefit of a larger subscriber base in the far-flung areas of the country. Awards were also distributed to various offices and establishments for their performances.


vi. KYC updation of subscribers. To extend the availability and reach of online services, which have become crucial in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. EPFO is paying special attention to know your customer (KYC) updation of its subscribers. Since 01.04.2022, EPFO offices have ensured Aadhaar seeding for 95.45 Lakh subscribers, mobile number seeding for 73.28 Lakh and bank account seeding for 27.16 Lakh subscribers till 30.11.2022.


vii. Auto Claim Settlement for advance applications from EPF members

EPFO has developed and deployed a mechanism for automatic settlement of claims for advance through system-based processing with minimal human intervention. This facility was developed and deployed within 24 hours of introduction of claim. This ensured speedy and seamless service delivery to members with minimal human intervention.


viii. Pension and EDLI Calculators


In order to provide better services in EPS-95 and Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI) Scheme, Pension and EDLI calculators have been launched to provide online facility to Pensioners and Family members to calculate the benefits of Pension and Death Linked Insurance benefit for which they are eligible.


ix. Face Authentication Technology for Jeevan Praman Patra


DLC through face authentication technique is a breakthrough technology which will reduce pensioners’ dependence on external bio-metric devices and make the process more accessible and affordable, thus ensuring ease of living for all the pensioners. The use of face authentication technology can be particularly helpful where pensioners have faced difficulties in getting their bio-metrics (Fingerprint & Iris) captured due to old age or health issues. The other advantages of submitting DLCs via facial authentication method include:

  1. Pensioners can submit their DLC sitting at home. There is no need to visit the Bank, Post Office, CSC or any Regional/District Office of EPFO.
  2. Pensioners can submit DLC not only of their own but also that of their relatives and friends.
  3. Pensioners living abroad can also submit their DLC without visiting the country.
  4. There is no reliance on any externally registered device.


x. SMS Services


A new initiative has been taken wherein SMS have been sent to those pensioners whose pension is stopped due to non-submission of Life Certificate.


xi. Prayaas


Under the launch of PRAYAAS initiative, field offices of EPFO are handling over PPOs to many members of EPS 1995 on the day of superannuation.


xii. Launch of VCC Software


Dedicated software VCIT module was launched for online submission of request for VCC by ZO/ROs. It would be a very useful tool for HRM and Vigilance wing inducing transparency and reducing delay. For the successful implementation of a new Software (VCC Software), a circular was issued to all field offices to check and correct data of employees.



  1. Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC):


i. ESIC ‘Chintan Shivir’, 17-18 August 2022. Union Minister of Labour & Employment, Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Shri Bhupender Yadav inaugurated two days ESIC ‘Chintan Shivir’ at Suraj Kund, Haryana, first of its kind in the history of ESIC. The Chintan Shivir concluded with landmark outcomes and far reaching recommendations for expansion and improvement in Service Delivery Mechanism. The outcomes will help in fulfilling PM’s vision of ‘Swasthya Se Samridhi’ by bridging the gap between Policy and execution. It will further prove a game changer and benefit all the Shram Yogis and their dependents in a big way.


ii. Expansion of medical facilities: To expand medical services, ESI Corporation has given in principle approval to set up 76 new hospitals and 180 dispensaries.


iii. Maternity Benefit: ESIC launched online portal on 10.11.2022 for its Insured Women to submit online claim for maternity benefit. This facility is expected to benefit 58.69 lakh Insured Women covered under ESI Scheme who can now make online claim for Maternity benefit at their own convenient time and place without visiting their ESIC Branch Office for submission of paperwork.


iv. Women Workers. A Pilot Project for screening of women for anaemia working at Brick Kilns and Beedi establishment was launched on 08.03.2022 on the occasion of International Women’s Day by Minister (L&E). Sixty women worker from the state of Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh were made part of the target group. These women workers were followed-up by ESIC Hospitals Jaipur, Faridabad and Varanasi every month from Mar 2022 to Sept 2022. As an outcome of the pilot project, there has been an appreciable improvement in monitored clinical parameters of these Beedi and Brick kiln women workers. Hypertension came down from 23% to 5%, blood sugar from 14.5 % to 8.9% and anaemia from 26% to 25 %.


v. Certificate of Recognition to ESIC from ISSA. ESIC has been awarded a certificate of recognition from the prestigious International Social Security Association (ISSA) for hosting the ISSA Liaison office for South Asia and its support in the field of social security over the past three years. The Director General, ESIC received the award at the meeting of the General Assembly of the ISSA, held on Tuesday 25 October 2022 during the World Social Security Forum held in Marrakech, Morocco.

7. Directorate General of Employment (DGE)


  1. National Career Service (NCS). The Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India, is implementing the National Career Service (NCS) project for transformation of the National Employment Service to provide a variety of employment related services like job search & matching, career counselling, vocational guidance, information on skill development courses, internships etc. through a digital platform []. The portal was launched by the Prime Minister in July 2015. It acts as a one stop solution for career related services including jobs from private and government sector, information on online and offline job fairs, skill/training programmes etc. Services on NCS platform are free of cost.
  2. As on 12th December 2022, NCS platform has 2.76 crore registered Jobseekers, 5.91 Lakh active employers and 2.97 lakh active vacancies. The total number of vacancies mobilized on the portal since its launch in 2015 is more than 1.21 Crore.

Some of the major achievements of NCS are outlined as under:

  • International Jobs module on NCS went live on 20-Apr-2022. The module will facilitate MEA registered employers to post international job opportunities in the NCS portal. It will facilitate the jobseekers to search and apply for these international job opportunities via NCS portal.
    • As on 12-Dec-2022; around 1.6 lakh jobseekers have expressed their interest to get overseas jobs via the NCS Portal.
    • MEA-approved RAs registered over the NCS portal have posted more than 1400 vacancies while around 1500 candidates have applied for these jobs.


  • NCS portal has been integrated with the e-Shram portal. The integration between e-Shram and NCS went live on 7th March 2022. So far, more than 10 lakh e-Shram registrants have registered on NCS portal.
  • NCS portal has been integrated with Udyam portal which enabled the consent based registration of UDYAM registered MSME as an employer on the NCS Portal. These employers can post their vacancy requirements over NCS. So far more than 3.84 Lakh MSME employers have been registered on NCS portal.
  • NCS Portal integrated with Skill India Portal (SIP). As on 12th December 2022; 43.51 Lakh SIP candidates have now been registered on NCS Portal. Among these, 11.63 lakh candidates applied for at least one job, and 5.87 lakh candidates got shortlisted across various vacancies.
  • Out of the 57633 candidates registered for the “MicrosoftDigisaksham” program, 29964 candidates have completed the training.
  • Under the Career Skills training of “TCS iON” Program going on through the NCS portal, 2,71,065 registered candidates have undergone training in various modules and 27,461 certificates have been issued during the year, 2022.
  • NCS also entered into Strategic MoU partnership with UNICEF-YuWaah for facilitating the employment opportunities of the Jobseekers.
  • NCS Portal has also been integrated with other Ministries/ departments like MHRD, AICTE, etc. Online integration with EPFO, ESIC has also been done to link the willing employers for enabling them to shortlist right candidates through a countrywide database of workforce on NCS portal.
  • A government job module has been added on 04-Mar-2022 to the NCS portal wherein DGE can post jobs on behalf of other government ministries/departments / PSU organizations. This module can be used for notification of permanent or contractual vacancies across different government departments or ministries. Also, this module can be used to receive applications on behalf of different Ministries for contractual positions like Young Professionals, Consultants, etc.
  • In the year 2022, 2297 Job Fairs have been organized by Model Career Centres in different states under the NCS Scheme.
  • Currently, integration has also been completed with 27 states/UTs (20 states/UTs through API and 7 States/UTs States directly) for registering jobseekers from these states on the NCS portal.



Ministry of Labour and Employment has been extending vocational rehabilitation services to the persons with disabilities (PwDs) through a network of 24 NCSC-DAs across the country.

The objective of these centers is to evaluate the residual capacities of PwDs, assist them in the process of economic rehabilitation through employment, self-employment, counselling & guidance, non-formal vocational training. These centers also organize outreach activities like job fairs, camps etc.

Achievement of NCSC-DAs during the year 2022 (January-November, 2022): –

  • 33209 persons with disabilities have been registered in NCSC-DAs.
  • 33209 persons with disabilities have been evaluated/assess.
  • 12499 persons with disabilities have been rehabilitated by various NCSC-DAs.
  • 238 Job Fairs have been conducted by NCSC-DAs.
  • 6715 placements made (Shortlisted) by NCSC-DAs.



Ministry of Labour and Employment has established 25 NCSC for SC/STs across the country with a view to connect SC/STs jobseekers with appropriate employment.

These Centers provide guidance, counselling, organize confidence building programme, pre-recruitment training, impart computer and secretarial practices training etc. with an objective to enhance the employability of SC/ST jobseekers.

Achievement of NCSC for SC/STs during 2022 (January-November, 2022):-

  • 214762 candidates were provided under Career Counselling and Guidance services:
  • 10901 candidates were provided under Typing and Shorthand training.
  • 2400 candidates were provided coaching under Special Coaching Scheme.
  • 4829 candidates were provided ‘O’ Level Computer Training (NIELIT).
  • 2050 candidates were provided O’ Level Hardware Maintenance (CHM) Training (NIELIT).
  • 267 Job Fairs have been conducted by various NCSC-SC/STs.
  • 6243 placements made (Shortlisted) by various NCSC-SC/STs.

iv. Aatmanirbhar Bharat Rojgar Yojana (ABRY)


  • As on 23rd November 2022 total benefits of Rs. 7833.27 Crore have been given to 60.13 lakh beneficiaries through 1.51 lakh Establishments. However, the total registration till 23.11.2022 under the scheme is 75.11 (and this figure is remained constant since closing date of the scheme).



  • Occupational Safety & health awareness Programs:

312 safety awareness programs were organized at different mines in the country from January to November 2022 under the jurisdiction of different regions and zones of DGMS to inculcate safe work culture and improve safety awareness amongst the work persons and stakeholders.

  • Thirty-seven (37) health awareness programs have been conducted by the different regional and zonal offices of DGMS for awareness amongst the work persons regarding First-Aid, prevention from the air borne dusts and dust related disease while working in mines.


9. Dattopant Thengadi National Board for Workers Education and Development (DTNBWED)


The Indian Institute of Workers Education, an apex training institute of the DTNBWED, conducts national level training programmes for the trade union activists of Central Trade Union Organizations/ Federations, Voluntary Organizations etc., besides organizing in-house training programmes for the officers and staff members of the DTNBWED while the Regional Directorates conduct training programmes at regional, unit/ village levels. The DTNBWED conducts different types of training programmes of varies durations. The training programmes of DTNBWED cover workers of organized, unorganized and rural sectors.


New Initiatives –

  1. Introduction of New Modular Training Programmes as per the recommendations of the Roadmap Committee setup by Ministry of Labour and Employment to recommend future roadmap and reorganizing the training modules/training materials of DTNBWED. The recommendations of the committee ware implemented.
  2. MoU with IGNOU – to develop the contents for the training programmes and videos on various topics.
  3. MoU with MNNIT, Allahabad – to impart the Training of Trainers and sharing of infrastructure.
  4. MoU with NSDC – to start the Skill Boot Training Programme (SBTP) for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  5. Labour Chowk / Labour Choupal: Reaching the Unreachable: objective to organize the campaign at the Shramik Chowk (Labour Market) to propagate different schemes of Central Govt. meant for Unorganised Workers, due consideration to their problems as well as their participation in government schemes, to encourage for enrolment in e-Shram Portal as well as other social security, schemes for Unorganised workers under Ministry of Labour & Employment.
  6. Special Programmes on the theme “To Sensitize workers of unorganized and rural sector for awareness in public participation with focus on Women Workers” under the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.
  7. 102nd Birth Anniversary of Shri Dattopant Thengadi was celebrated at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi on 10th November, 2022. Union Minister for Labour and Employment, Shri Bhupender Yadav, the Chief Guest of the event, paid tribute to Dattopant Thengadi. He highlighted the contribution of Thengadi in the field of Workers’ education and envisioning universal social security schemes. Shri Yadav also launched an educational video on Digital Literacy prepared by the Board along with the QR code for easy access to the training content of the DTNBWED.

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