Millets Recipe Training and Millets Food Festival: Revive Millets farming and Millets Foods for a Healthy Future



Bhubaneswar: Millets Recipe Training cum Millets Food Festival was held by NIRMAN, a Bhubaneswar based NGO at Sikharpai village in Rayagada dist. Odisha on 22-23 Dec. 2017. More than 200 women participated in the program. During the first day, Tribal women learnt new recipes for preparing millets foods. Ms. Usharani and Janaki trained to adivasi women on recipe preparation. It was found that there were lot of excitement among participants in the program. There was deliberation on millets foods .The major focus was to make popular the types of millets foods among tribal and common masses and make them know about the nutritious aspects about the food. One of the key message was “Bringing back millets Foods for Healthy Future”.
In 2nd day, 15 Women SHGs participated in the Millets Food Exhibition. 2 SHGs i.e. Sabitri SHG Katagantha and Basumati SHG, Kumbharuda were awarded 1st and 2nd Award respectively for preparation of variety of millets foods during the Festival. More than 27 types of millets foods were prepared by tribal women during the food festival. Raggi porridge, Raggi Ladu, Raagi Chapati, Raagi Arisa cake, Little millets Khir, Foxtail millet Khir, Sorghum rice, Sorghum pop-corn, etc.
Invited Guest were Mr. Santosh K. Samal, DDM NABARD, Mr. Bijay K. Behera, Horticulture, JE, Mr. Mr. Prasant Mohanty, Executive Director, NIRMAN, Mr. Niranjan Gouda, WASSAN Dist. Coordinator, Binoba from Pondichery participated. The Program was support by MINI and NFI-THF.