Mental Health Skill Development for School Children

Talcher: With the objective to equip students with life skills and to ensure holistic development of students in surrounding government schools, NTPC Talcher Kaniha in collaboration with People’s Forum organised a two-day workshop on Mental Health Awareness recently. Over 75 students of Class 7 and 8th from Gadasila Upper primary School and Harihar Government School benefitted from this CSR initiative designed to exhibit a positive understanding of mental health issues.

The workshop consisted of two-hour long sessions with a group of 25 students for each session. From ice-breaking sessions, stress-busting techniques, confidence-boosting activities to learning the importance of self-care, the workshop was meticulously designed to enhance the awareness regarding mental health issues. The aim of this workshop is to support the journey of students into teenage years and ensure that they are able to cope up with academic and social pressures.

A wide range of creative sessions ensured enthusiastic participation by the students and they showed keen interest in learning various stigmas that are associated with mental health. The faculty for the two-day workshop, Mr. Abhilash Durugkar and Ms. A. Swati Prabha from People’s Forum Organisation which conducts various training activities in Odisha. With a special focus on education and learning, NTPC Talcher Kaniha organizes a variety of CSR initiatives that help in the all-round development of students in surrounding villages.