Meet, Rakesh, Gaurav, and Aditya: The Four Commoners That Scored Big On Facebook With Sarcasm

Making a name on a humongous platform like Facebook, which is visited by millions of users around the world, is no joke. Despite the robust challenge on its path, Sarcasm managed to become India’s most followed Facebook asset. Who would have thought that just another pair of four guys – Gaurav, Meet, Rakesh and Aditya – would do the unthinkable and stand tall over the Indian promotion media industry?

The Rapid Rise

Sarcasm has been widely regarded as one of the fastest growing pages on Facebook, on a global level. After all, is having 39 million people follow your content on a social media platform which is filled with competition an easy task? Definitely not. It was due to the combined effort from the Sarcasm team that led to the resurgence of simplistic trolling of trendy things. You know what they say – “Being simple never goes out of trend.”

The Unimaginable Feat

Talking about the crazy growth of Sarcasm, Meet Luthra says, “It was unimaginable. It was totally unthinkable. Especially considering the fact that our last 3-4 social media projects were utter failures, we never thought that Sarcasm was going to cut it big. Upon its creation, we only had one thought in our mind. We only wanted to make people happy. We only wanted to spread happiness. Good things happen to good people, and, for our unyielding efforts, a lot of good things happened to the lot of us!”

Nothing But A Dream

Touting the success of Sarcasm as a dream come true moment, Gaurav Shukla shares his feelings, “Sarcasm is very close to our hearts. It is a symbol of hard work and determination. It teaches me to never give up. Giving up should never be an option; you should always keep working hard. Once you have that mentality, your dreams will surely come true. After collaborating with brands like Wildstone, Mi, etc. and getting so much love from our fans, I can proudly say – Sarcasm is that dream.”

As Gaurav says, Sarcasm was their “dream.” Their dream has turned out to be India’s proud social media asset which is on course to gain recognition at the global level as well. These four commoners have scored it big in India, but the question remains if they will succeed at the biggest stage of them all. That remains to be seen, but regardless of complications, our money’s on them. Hard work always pays off.

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