Meenakshi Sahu Honored on State -Level for her Writings

Paralakhemundi: Noted Writer & Research Scholar Meenakshi Sahu of Paralakhemundi honored by Books Publications Division at Bhubaneswar on State Level for her two written books “Paralara Nataka O’ Natyakar” & Gourahari Rachanabali”.Prof Bijay Kumar Satapathy,Dr.Bijayananda Singh,Dr. Sarat Kumar Jena,Prof.Santosh Tripathy,Manoranjan Panigrahi & Rajkishore Das graced the occasion.The guests louded Ms.Sahu for her great writings to commemorate the siblings of various incredible Writers,Dramatists & Poets for their highest contributions to restore annals of Late Maharaja KCGajapati with their lucid writing to enlive Odia Literature in the border Gajapati district of Odisha.They also accoladed Ms.Sahu for her nice collections of eminent writers on her writings.Dilip Kumar Choudhry conveyed vote of thanks to all.