MCL’s Over Burden Removal up by 54.2% over last year in May 2020

Bhubaneswar: With the subdued energy demand due to the Corona Pandemic, Mahanadi Coalfields Limited has converted the opportunity to its advantage. Since the Power houses have sufficient coal in stock and with around 20 Million Tonnes of Coal in MCL stock yards, the company has prudently turned its focus on Over Burden Removal (OBR). In Mining terms, Over Burden Removal is the process of exposing the Coal seam after removing the Strata lying over the coal seams.

In the period from 1st May 2020 to 17th May 2020 the company has removed Over Burden to the tune of 8.642 Million cubic meter against an internal target of 8.626 which is 54.2% more than the last year’s OBR of 5.605 Million Cubic Meter. The OB Removal since the beginning of this Financial Year stands at 23.199 Million cubic meter which is 41.2% over the same period of last year while producing 17.540 Million Tonnes of coal during the period.

The excess exposure of Coal would enable the company to gear up its production at a short notice when the demand for coal rises.