MCL to develop Hirakud Dam like Mysore ’s Vrindravan Gardens


Sambalpur: Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL), a subsidiary of Coal India Limited, has planned to develop a heritage garden complex at Hirakud Dam on the lines of Mysore’s famous Vrindavan Gardens.
Named “Maa Samleshwari Gardens”, the heritage complex at the Asia’s longest Hirakud Dam will be a site of tourist attraction in the western Odisha.
A ropeway project funded by MCL has ready been dedicated to people at Hirakud Dam.
The idea of this development at Odisha’s famous dam emanated during the recent visit of Mr PK Mishra, Principal Secretary to the PMO while he met with Mr B N Shukla, Chairman-cum-Managing Director MCL and Mr Suresh Mohapatra, Development Commissioner of Odisha.
MCL has roped in IIT Kharagpur as the project consultants for the development of “Maa Samleshwari Gardens”, which will also have a big convention center, seminar hall, fountains, lights and sound arrangement to showcase the cultural heritage of Odisha.
In this regard, a consultancy team from IIT Kharagpur has visited to the site yesterday for preliminary survey along with the engineers of Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd.
“Maa Samleshwari Gardens” is being developed with an aim at bringing prosperity to the local population by bringing Hirakud on national tourist circuit.